Deke's Techniques 496: Turn off the Creative Cloud Start Screens

In this week's free Deke's Techniques episode, Deke considers the new Start screen that pops up in Creative Cloud applications when you have no other file open. He then, almost immediately, considers how to turn it off.

I can imagine that (like many other features added by Adobe in order to be helpful) this screen which displays your recently (sort of) opened files, will in fact, be helpful to some---whilst remaining helpfully irritating to others.

One reason might be that it doesn't actually always work, such as when you've moved a file since you last "recently" used it, in which case nothing happens (and you end up right back where you started if it had never been there.) We've all seen mysteries appear in our "possibly recently used file" list, and this is just a graphical representation of that ever-moving inscrutable target, after all.

My guess is that you can find the checkbox (Preferences > General) that lets you turn this screen off by yourself (you're trained dekeOlytes, after all). But this video will also show you why (or why not) you might want to.

Setting your Start screen preferences in Photoshop

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Turn Off Live Rectangles And Start Screens Are Your Last 2 tips

So unbelievably weak, I have no idea where to start. Chimpanzees could find those settings in the preferences.

Why not call it what it really is, Deke phoning in nonsense because he's too lazy to record an actual tip. What an absolute joke. Deke should be ashamed of himself.

I understand it's not a creative technique

The videos are not solely about turning off/on the preferences (I'll grant you that's a pretty easy thing to figure out), but also why you might want to do it (or not). Deke's Techniques, which has a new free episode every week, can respond to pain points that others are feeling faster than a whole new course can be.

Many people were confounded by the new default features in Illustrator, and it caused Deke to have to update several movies in his Illustrator Fundamentals course because things no longer as they have for the past 25 years or so. So, to me, that's a worthwhile and timely discussion. Not wildly inspiring, sure, but it's hard to be inspired when you're frustrated.

Trust me that Deke has in no way run out of ideas. And if he were ever worried about finding things he thought were useful or interesting, we get lots of interesting suggestions and requests to keep him going. Anyone should feel free to send along questions or ideas.

Meanwhile, e're back to crazy Deke infrared snow tomorrow.