Deke's Techniques 542: Rendering a Person in Liquid Metal in Photoshop

Hey, my dekeOnesians. In this week's free Deke's Techniques episode, you will see how to render a dude in liquid metal.

Meanwhile, we are finally back in the states, if not all the way home. Here in our long Seattle layover we have already enjoyed reasonably priced Washington wines, a very delicious hamburger with bacon, water you can drink out of the faucet, and perhaps most importantly for communicating with dekeOphiles, viable internet.

Which is not to say that Indonesia didn't once again provide amazing adventures. If you don't already check out Deke's facebook page, stop by and see all the underwater treasures he's discovered the past two weeks. Also, we didn't wear shoes for over a week in Wakatobi. It's a policy I'm going to implement in Boulder... until the first snow.

Terima Kasih my Indonesian friends and expats for your welcoming spirit and sharing your beautiful undersea wonders.



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