Deke's Techniques 577: Quick and Chalky Chalkboard Type

In this week's free episode of Deke's Techniques, Deke creates a quick and dirty (chalky) chalkboard text effect in Photoshop. Using some basic filters, a couple of blend modes, and an adjustment layer, he turns this boring text:

Boring text about to be chalked in Photoshop


Into this slightly more exciting text (set in Flood Std) for your chalk-emulating needs:

Text set in Flood Std on its way to being chalked


And then adds some key filters as well as some actual chalk (courtesy of this image from our friends at Dreamstime):



To arrive at this quick and easy composite. (Chalkboard background also courtesy of  Dreamstime.)

A chalkboard text effect in Photoshop


Chalk one up for Deke's Techniques! And facile puns! And making things less boring!


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