Fifty Feels Fukken Fantastic

Well, gang. I went and did it. Despite considerable efforts to the contrary, I lived to see my fiftieth birthday.

Happily, the event randomly coincides with my fiftieth course for, the very recently released Photoshop CS6 Beta Preview.

Last Thursday, some of my friends threw me a grand party that started at 7pm and didn't stop until we had drained three mini-kegs, two cases of champagne, a big vat of some yummy Hendricks-based cocktail, two bottles of tequila, and a bottle of my favorite Scotch, Lagavulin. Thereby proving that while I may be old, and my liver may be older, I'm not dead yet.

Along the way, they presented me with two of the best presents I've ever received: an interstate sign to celebrate the birthday and a highway sign to celebrate the course. They're full-sized and made of real metal. Isn't that clever?

Deke turns 50 and releases his 50th course for

Plus, they wrote special messages all over the backs, as pictured below. My favorite: "50 years and just 50 titles? Hope your next 50 are a little more productive." Awww.

The backs of the previously shown signs

Tonight, a fancy dinner. Tomorrow, off to Hawaii with my boys. After that, back in the driver's seat, if only to lose myself on the highway of life.

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Belated Birthday Wishes

Hi Can see you had a fantastic day with family and friends.
So here is to wonderful years ahead. God bless
We look forward to learning more with you.

On your birthday, I want

On your birthday, I want that all your Birthday Messages dreams come true. I wish this day bring Birthday Quotes lots of joys and happiness for you.

Oh, Happy Day!! 50 is the new...

Gosh, we can go on about what new things you might bring. Have a great time in Hawaii! Who may end up being productive there too! ;-)

Happy Birthday Deke! Wish

Happy Birthday Deke!
Wish you all the best!
Be Happy!

Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday! And remember my motto for the future, "Older men give you what younger men promise."

Hello Deke, Happy Birthday!

Hello Deke, Happy Birthday! It's good to hear you had a great party :-). Enjoy the coming days!

H.B. to us!

Wow...I share the same birthday as William Shatner AND Deke McClelland! My goal, by the time I reach 50 is to have as much knowledge in my brain as Deke has in his. Think 6 years is enough time? Shoot...I probably will have better luck becming Captain of the Enterprise!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Deke, 120 of these days.

Happy 50th, Deke!

Happy 50th, Deke! In these fifty years, you gave us much, much more, than many people do in their entire lives! 50 more years may greet you!
And hey, if you find that this number bugs you, try hitting Shift + Down Arrow Key, it worth a try. ; )