Friday Fundamentals: Cropping a Photo in Photoshop

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photoshop help have been trying to contact you

I know that this is not the way to ask my question, but your contact page is not working.
I have owned your Photoshop cs 1-1 book for several years, but decided that as I recover from hip replacement, it was time to go through the lessons and
the cd.
I cannot make a few things work: the installation of the "gray"
Install Deke's Preferences button gives a message that it cannot be
loaded. There is no Bestworkflow in the color settings, and the shortcut
keys will not load.
I am using a MacBook w 10.6.8.
I do hope that you can help. There are a few folders on the cd that say
MAC, but I can't work them out.
Thank you.
margiehill (my user name on your site)

added tip

When in B&W mode to get a sense of image balance...suggest you also add/try various levels of gaussian blur to further remove details and get a view of how the dark/light "weight" is distributed to get a reasonably balanced pictures . . .

and also use a variety of crop tool overlays other than "rule of thirds" etc.

These views may change your crop choices...or open up ideas for more than one image result.

Thanks, Doug. Good ideas.

I appreciate your adding to the conversation, Doug!