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After us Photoshop for many years I have purchased CS5 I am lost with the layout
How can I set it up so it look like CS3?

Photoshop Elements 9

Hello Deke, I hope this is the correct place to ask this question. I assume that you will be bringing out a 'One on One' manual for Photoshop Elements 9. I was just wondering when. Thanks for all your help. Bert Noir. (Former Boulder Resident)

Part 2 Number8

Hello Deke,

Sorry to be a nit-picker but :-

What do I do with the quandry I now have?

Where do I keep it? How do I use it?

You've left me in a quandary.

Or are we still two countries separated by the same language?

Apart from all that: thanks for all your photoshop tutorials that have helped me over the past five years. Great stuff.



Hi Deke - me again... I'm going to take the ACE exam for Photoshop CS4 in December... wondered if you could point me in the direction of some sample questions? Apologies if you get this question ALLLLLLL the time :)

Many thanks



Thanks for the info.. I have a pretty bog standard HP printer and the colour settings are ColorSmart III - which doesn't allow me to turn it off when Photoshop manages the color... so I guess I should upgrade? :)


Still trying !!

Hi Deke,
Love your tutorials, but how about some of the advance stuff
for masking .