Get with the Times, New Roman!

Just when you think typefaces are yesterday's news, and any discussion of them hopelessly geeky, along comes proof that a funny video can change your mind.

And the hero turns out to be that worst-of-all-possible font they use on the For Dummies covers.

Questions: Where is Dom Casual? And no Hobo? That's just cruel.

("The Font Conference" is an original video from CHTV.)

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Pencil Telephone Hourglass!

Love Wide Latin with his giant Torta. I've got a copy of InDesign CS3 One-on-One for the dekeCommunity member with the most clever interpretation of what Wingdings is saying. You must explain your decoding rationale.

Haha, they've got quite a

Haha, they've got quite a few good, original videos there actually. But it would be even funnier if French Script had actually a French accent and if Italian Rage would speak Italian instead of German ;) ps. by the way, your blog layout looks kinda weird today in my FF3 on Mac!?

Thanks Xero

Last night's post pretty well hosed everything on Firefox. I stripped out some parameter tags and that seems to have taken care of the problem. These FLV aggregators all have different standards. (sigh)