Halloween begins at dekePod

Hello dear friend. By which I mean, I really don't know you, but you registered at deke.com with the understanding that you would one day hear from me, and that day (among others) is today.

Just this minute, 1111 of you have commented on my fate and 3456 of you have signed on as registered users. That kind of numerology, although obviously pure coincidence, cannot be wrong.

Which is why, today, I unleash an extra special Halloween episode of dekePod.

It's all about turning any portrait shot into an HDR rendering so scary you could reach out and touch it. And if you can reach out and touch it, it can reach out and touch you! Plus I howl at the moon and squash a squishy skull until its bloody eyes poke out. Please stop by and check it out.

Not stopping by? Got better things to do? I agree! Go to iTunes and subscribe. And then write a review. At this very moment, we got ourselves eleven 5-stars and two 1-stars. The latter were miffed that there weren't more dekePods. I mean, c'mon, you dis dekePod because there aren't enough of them? That's like mean-mugging termites because your house is still standing!

Oh, and for those of you wondering how I became inspired to create a fake HDR portrait in the first place, enter photographer James Day and this wonderful image of Thom Yorke and David Byrne that he created for Wired magazine:

Isn't it just terrific? (Used by permission of James Day.) Gotta love that whisker pattern!

Sincerely,    --Deke


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