Halloween develops at dekeOnline

Hello 3900 members of dekeOnline. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what's going on in my neck of the woods.

First, Tuesday October 28 marks the release of my book Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One. Full-color, 500+ pages, stunningly illustrated, step-by-step, filled with insights and Pearls of Wisdom, all sample files included. And in addition to the usual bounty of new and updated information, the book ships with more than 4 hours of high-resolution video on an accompanying DVD-ROM. That's twice the amount of video included with the CS3 edition!

Also consider that:

  • Other books include no video. Which means they're just "books."
  • All 4 hours are produced by industry leader lynda.com (the best in the biz).
  • All 4 hours are unique to this book (with not one second repurposed from elsewhere).
  • My book costs $5 less than comparable titles with no video.

It all adds up to the makings of a terrific value. Plus, the actual book itself is none too shabby. Or so I'm told. I mean, just look at this lovely baby:

If you're not disposed to buy a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, walking talking 21st-century book, then come by and watch the video. By which I mean, my free once-every-other-weekly video, dekePod.

This week @ dekePod: Halloween inspires ghost stories. And I've got a real zinger. It's about the scariest feature in all of Photoshop CS4, The Masks Palette. One little palette. Five little options. It's an itsy bitsy creepy scary psychotic little thing. And it has a big old knife. All the better to slice up your images. And if you're not careful, you!

If you're too busy, I understand. I really do. Only it's your funeral.

Because it's Halloween. Get it? It's your funeral because it's Halloween!

Here's hoping that your actual funeral (some 100 years from now) involves friends and family in close attendance. With untold millions crying and begging to touch your unbelievably beautiful corpse.

Most sincerely,


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Missing video

Thanks for your new book, Deke. It is great. I appreciate your thinking that I'm so literate and experienced that I don't need the video, so it wasn't included with the book CS4 1/1. However in the early morning it would be nice to veg with a cup of coffee and watch the video, and even download some of the stuff. If you could get one of your elves to send me one or tell me how to get it, it would be very appreciated. Best regards, Tom Cranmer

O'Reilly customer service can fix DVD issues

And they can track issues so we can get these issues fixed with the manufacturer: http://oreilly.com/oreilly/cs/ cw

Just got it the other day...

...thank you for following up. I don't have to say I'd be thrilled to see your dekePod (somehow that sounds dirty again), even though I eventually figured out what I was missing. I got a gold filling on one of my tusks. How's that for a multitasking sentence? It both explains the shrieking and gives you the idea on the amount of gold. Cheers! EDIT: P.S. Aw man, I replied out of sequence again (dagnabbit!). Sorry; I tried to delete and repost in order, but there is no delete option. __________________________________________________ Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

What abouth the color management?

I hope you covered that topic in greater depth in this book than the Bible series. One-on-one for CS3 doesn't have much on color management either. It's a thing that, as you predicted, caused me to shriek and sweat like a herd of elephants locked in a sauna today. I thought I finally understood all the nuances of color management . But today I had an awakening ruder than a Pee-wee Herman in a German theatre. Got my monitor calibrated with spyder, as I do on regular basis. (I'm aware that has got nothing to do with Photoshop, it's just monitor correction, but read on). Then I made sure, since I'm working on a web graphic, that my color space in Photoshop is set to sRGB IEC... and that I'm working with a file that has NO color profile assigned to it. But when I save for web, a ducking fisaster happens (can I say that here? Or should I just title the post "when shift hits the fan"?) What am I getting wrong? If Photoshop is instructed not to use a color profile with an image, it's not correcting that image. It should be displaying the pixels as they are, given the fact the monitor is calibrated. So why is there a huge shift when I save for web? Lemme rephrase that. It doesn't shift the pixels in Photoshop or operating system. But when seen in browser the image is waaay more saturated. Checked the file - no profile. I'm stumped... Deke, if you ever write about color management from the perspective how Photoshop thinks about it, I'll adorn you with gold. I'll have to pull my fillings out to do that, but gold it is. -Flyboy __________________________________________________ Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

There is no new CMS

in Photoshop CS4. Just the same old stuff from CS3 and earlier. Which is actually just fine as is. That said, I'm fixing to record four more dekePods in November. One is already nailed down. But the other three are up for grabs. How many folks would like to see a lightning-fast dekePod that outlines the color management process from screen to Web? I think it might be fun. BTW, flyboy, did you ever get your DVD from lynda.com? (And exactly how many gold fillings do you have? My accountant wants to know.)