Happy 25th Birthday, Photoshop!

Happy Photoshop Birthday, my dekeItarians. It's a big two-five for the Supreme Pixel Wrangler this year. And our friends at lynda.com, notably the esteemed documentarian Scott Erickson, have put together some delightful, short retrospectives on the evolution of Photoshop. If you're a fan of Photoshop history, check out these gorgeous videos featuring dekeHimself and some of deke.com's oldest and dearest friends:

The Evolution of a Tool Palette
Watch some notable Photoshoppers discuss the impact of some notable PS tools. 

The Rise of Digital Photography
A luminary-rich discussion of Photoshop's photographic evolution.

Rise of Photoshop for photographers

The Desktop Publishing Revolution
Today's digital designerati reflect on the game-changing arrival of Photoshop.

The evolution of Photoshop tools

All three of these movies are free to all. But if you're inspired, there's much more at lynda.com. If you're not already a member, you can get 10 days free by signing up at lynda.com/deke.




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creating a mask of cast-shadow shapes

Help, Deke! Here's the problem: I have a photo of a building. On the building, its awning and the ground in front of the building are shadows that are cast from a tree. I want to create an alpha channel of only the shapes of those shadows for use in another photo. How would I go about that? The brightness of the shadow shapes are nearly the same as the brightness of other objects in the scene so how would I (efficiently) separate the shadow shapes from those objects? I realize that multiple steps will probably be necessary to isolate only the shadow shapes.