He Said/She Said: iPhone Style

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*hiss* *spit* iPhone is

*hiss* *spit* iPhone is rubbish!!! Get Android G1. :D

What software is used to create this blog, Deke?

So I can do some homework on finding an effective spam filter for you. (Hopefully there's a good one out there!)

nice iphone application

is this built-in apps in your phone? or you have downloaded this software


Funny and witty discution.I liked it.

Funny Discussion

yep funny. you could go on all day long with this one.

Spammy McSpammerson Spams On

I bet I'm not alone in my loathing of spammers. I bet spammers are ugly and wear granny knickers, and have bad breath and make funny monkey grunts when trying to communicate in the real world. They should be made to watch endless reruns of televised Spelling Bees while having pig's poo flung at them.

I had better get with the times

I feel that I must spend the rest of the day getting up to speed with iPhones


I don't know a darn thing about iPhones, but that was very funny and very interesting. Thank you for sharing it!

Mac Style

Nice Crystal style. Actually very cool. Considering buying a new iphone 3g :)

text speak is for dummies

At least it is in English and not the text speak so thats a good thing


So this was pretty cool but it is a bummer about the paying for it part...


That was very cool I enjoyed the part about "sensitive", much is lost in cell translation....


Cool Post. njoyd.:)


interesting dialogue...nice...:)

Thanks for your betsson

Thanks for your betsson article.

Just like BeejiveIM

Looks like BeejiveIM that I use for my Blackberry Bold. Love it so much but the problem is that the trial will be end soon and have to pay for full license after that. :(

Funny unique post. I liked

Funny unique post. I liked it. Keep the innovative posts coming.


A beautiful post. I liked it.


I love this

Clever and Hilarious!

Thanks for making learning fun!


You even teach us something along the way

So, so farmiliar

I'm glad other people have conversations like that.


Yikes, someone copied my text ;-) Colleen thanks for the tips BTW. Just got my new iPhone this weekend and learning my way around.