How to Record Deke's Fabulous "Make Screenshot" Action

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Make Screenshot

Thank you. How VERY cool!


Very informative! Thank you so much!


This site gives info on how to edit a photo and make changes to them. This is very informative and useful. I really liked this site!


thanks a lot.. this is a very good article.


Good stuff !

Mastering Lab Color -

In the 'Fixing chromatic aberrations in RGB' lesson, you open the 'Lab SO' Smart Object, convert it to the RGB Color mode and then to a Smart Object (RGB SO) so that you can apply the Lens Correction filter. You advise that "it's not a non-destructive transformation to flip back and forth between Lab and RGB but it is a low-destruction transformation."

My question is this: Would it be 'better' in terms of non-destructive transformation to convert the original RGB image to a Smart Object, apply the Lens Correction filter, and then convert the image to the Lab Color mode to perform the remaining corrections.

n the PC, chances are good

n the PC, chances are good that it reads Monitor RGB - sRGB IEC61966-2.1, or what we in the industry call plain old vanilla sRGB. On the Mac, it could be anything. Whatever it is, write it down.
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deke, you are great mentor 4 me

this is a nice & clear tutorial
thnks 4 sharing

Creating Photographic Artwork

Hi Deke,
I've just viewed your video on, title above, and I'm blown away by the masterful penstrokes you demo.
I've tried and tried to emulate this technique, but my strokes are wiggly and disobedient.
How do you command such control and finesse? Any special tools you might
Appreciatively yours,

clipboard in action

I am not sure I understand the part about the Clipboard, recorded in the action, not changing sizes. My action created a while back does a simple "Make New Document, Clipboard, Paste" and it always fits exactly regardless of size.

I did not do the color profile, so that was awesome, but I'm a little confused on the stance of the Clipboard.

Thanks for the tutorial! Love this place.

Clipboard fix in CS4

Well, lo and behold. Adobe fixed the Clipboard bug in Photoshop CS4.

Those crazy buggers! They're always tweaking the behavior of actionable operations behind our backs.

It's stuff like this that really makes me respect the engineers. What a bunch of hard-working elves those guys are!

Anyway, the upshot is, in CS3, you have to perform Steps 5 thru 7. In CS4, just choose New in Step 4, click OK, and move along to Step 8.

Learning from the dekeOpolitans

I love it when that happens!


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Yeah, I agree, you definitely need forums here, deke. That would be a great improvement. So ... Please? Maybe would be a good idea to create a poll to see if more of us would agree to the proposal :P

Affiliate X Full Review and Bonus

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I want to ask you to do a big tutorial on lynda with illustrator,photoshop work made by you like logos,banners,actions,brushes,illustrations.It will be a great help.It will help me a lot to learn better illustrator and photoshop if I see how you do step by step illustrations,logos or other things.

Thanks for all the great tutorials.

You can contact me

You just did! Don't know about such a series, but thanks for the suggestion.

More fun with actions.

This is great Colleen. Actions are a real kick to work with and this will give me a project for today. If you guys want to collaborate on a book about building cool actions, I would buy a copy.

I really wanted the Best Chrome Ever II action that Deke builds in CS4 1-on1 Mastery at but it comes to a point that requires elements to be imported from the origin Best Chrome and without that file it's a dead end.

Best Chrome Ever II

It sounds like you're not a Premium member. But no problems. I can't be giving away sample docs, but I reckon I can offer up the odd settings file. Just right-click on this link: the action set Best Chrome Ever II.atn. And choose Save or Download. That is the action in all its splendor, complete with layer styles.

Thanks Deke. You're the

Thanks Deke. You're the best!!

Don't know what I'd do without you.