How to Transform a Photograph into a Piece of Comic Book-Style Roy Lichtenstein Art

Came up with this today: "How to transform a photograph into a piece of comic book-style Roy Lichtenstein art." In the spirit of "Oh Jeff...I Love You, Too...But..."

Roy Lichtenstein photo to artworkRegarding a common misunderstanding: The dots you see here are not halftone dots. They are Ben-Day dots, used back when I was a kid (used by this very me, in fact!) to convey solid colors using CMYK combos.

By which I mean, notice that the dot size never varies.

In my version of the story, Hailey has discovered that her on-again off-again boyfriend Biff is once-again carrying on with Madelyn. Hailey and Madelyn, oh dear. Both so perfect. Poor Biff, he just can't choose. But forget Biff...this is Hailey's story. And this...this was Biff's last chance.

Please, make up your own narrative.

The thing requires both Photoshop and Illustrator. Look for it soon after Thanksgiving.



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