How would you prefer Deke spent his copious professional energies

Create more Photoshop courses
50% (197 votes)
Create more Illustrator courses
29% (114 votes)
Create any InDesign courses at all
14% (55 votes)
Update this poll more often with more cleverness
6% (25 votes)
Total votes: 391


No Adobe PDF Printer on Mac

Hi Deke,

Just finished the Illustrator CC2017 One-on-One Advanced course, and it was amazing. However in the printing chapter you prepare a couple of projects for commercial reproduction, as well as a Separations Preview. You do this using the Adobe PDF printer, which we Mac users have not had for quite some time. I know you can do a Save As and choose Adobe PDF instead, but it seems to ignore all your Print Settings. Perhaps you could do a Deke's Technique or two on the best way for us Mac users to create an Adobe PDF and a Separations Preview out of Illustrator?




I really want to thank Deke for everything i learned from him. I learned alot from him especially Illustrator stuff, Thank you Deke <3 :D

Touch Interface

I just finished the Illustrator Fundamentals course on It was amazing! Would you be able to add a chapter to that course or create a mini course on the touch interface? It is completely different from the standard desktop interface.

What MORE could you possibly cover in PS???

I note that 60% want you to do MORE PS courses. KEEP doing PS courses, THAT I can understand. But more?


Is that even temporally possible?

While I am looking forward to PS CC 2017 Mastery (so, uh, when is that due?) I'll admit that it's been a while since I've been able to keep up. From memory I watched all of the CS5 series (which was in several parts back then if you throw in Extended as it then was) but while I've watched significant chunks of the CC courses (I went straight from CS5 to CC in about 2014) I haven't had time to make it through a full one, much less Deke's Techniques. There were two parts in the 2015 series plus a New Features series, which totaled just shy of 38 hours of Deke. And that's 38 hours without sleep or toilet breaks.

The two parts plus New Features titles for CC 2017 SO FAR total 33 hours and 20 minutes give or take. By the time Mastery is done it will be more than two solid days of Deke.

And they want MORE???

By all means keep them ticking over as Adobe keeps releasing new features (except for Actions, you can recycle the movies from CS2 for those and just throw in an extra episode on Conditionals, sigh) but I cannot envisage how, without breaking several rules of the space time continuum, you could possibly do more PS videos.

I have no idea how you manage to get the number that you're currently doing done.

If there was an option for Lightroom courses I may have selected it if only to see whether you could explain what on earth the point of that thing is. In addition to having editing features which are similar to Photoshop's if one were to rip about 4 cylinders out of Photoshop's engine, I find the keyword indexing to be worse than you can achieve with Bridge. And that's saying something because Bridge's keyword indexing features are hardly state of the art. But they still seem to be more flexible than LR's, if you set them up correctly.

I therefore voted for updating the poll. Or maybe "take a holiday". By the time you finish 2017 Mastery there will probably be bags under your eyes coming for you with a vengeance.


Hi Deke, Do you have any Lightroom courses?

Illustrator and Photoshop CC 2015 Mastery Courses

Hi Deke,
When are the Illustrator CC 2015 One-On-One Mastery and Photoshop CC 2015 One-On-One Mastery courses expected? Its been a year or so when the Fundamentals and Intermediate volumes were released. Besides, the second volume of even Adobe Pen Tool is still awaited.

Which program is best suited to print jobs?

Hi Deke.
First of all thanks for all the great works you have been doing. It won't be an exaggeration to say I have learnt a lot from all of your tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. However, there is lot of confusion on the web regarding the suitability of programs for print jobs (commercial printing). Some say, never use Photoshop for print jobs; others say start with CMYK if you are under compulsion to create those jobs in Photoshop. There are others who argue that it is best to start with RGB in Photoshop and then convert color settings to CMYK and flatten the document before exporting it into other programs. There are some who even strongly opine against exporting Photoshop works for print jobs in the pdf format.
I want to know, what if I have to create print ready works in Photoshop and Photoshop only with some help from Illustrator when required? I want to add, I am equally at ease with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign; but I want to do any work in Photoshop since I find its effects and filters features as something which Illustrator or InDeisgn lack in. Illustrator can do if its logo or other vector poster jobs; however nothing can beat Photoshop when it comes to the final amazing results created with images and effects.
It would be great if you could find some time to help me on this confusion.

When will Photoshop CC 2015 One-on-One Mastery be launched

Dear Mr. McClelland:

I am a big fan of you:)
I have watched One-on-One Fundamentals and Advanced.

Would you please tell me when your third course, Photoshop CC 2015 One-on-One: Mastery, will be launched?

Thank you!

Love your courses!

Deke, I've taken almost all of your courses on for Photoshop, including the latest updates to CC 2015.5. You do Rock!

...but, since updating to this latest version, I can't figure out why it is when I switch from one floating document to another, that the 'other' document always reverts to full-screen mode. This drives me nuts. Does anyone have any idea how to disable this functionality?

Deke ROCKS!!!

I have learned a large majority, of my photoshop skills, from Deke, via Deke is so thorough and awesome!!! A huge thank you, to Deke, for teaching, the world, not to be afraid of photoshop :)

creative cloud photoshop 2015

I learned to use Photoshop CS6 from you, via
Now I need to relearn the newest version, new preferences etc.
Do you have an updated version to that course?
Judy G.

Photoshop CC 2015 1:1 Fundamentals Coming Soon

This week, in fact. In the meantime there's Deke's course on what is new:

Photoshop: 2015 Creative Cloud Updates

Tutorial idea

I've enjoyed your tutorials on for years, and discovered your site today. I plan to spend some time going through it today.

One tutorial I'd like to see from you is how to create TV sports graphics. Not necessarily motion graphics (the kind of stuff you need Cinema 4D and AfterEffects to create), but Photoshop type graphics, such as the score bugs in the corners, or lower thirds, or big display graphics meant as standalone elements (like a player's photo and stats). The kind of stuff with the beveled edges, glistening with that shiny, new look and angled with perspective.


I doubt that such a course would fit in a "Deke's Techniques" time slot, but I believe it would have some practical use for web and print designers seeking to emulate that look.

I sent this idea in to a few months ago. They referred me to the AE course that covers this, but otherwise seemed unenthused. Does this sound like an interesting idea to you?

Sincerely yours,

Harry Thomas
(P.S.: I also sent this message in an e-mail.)

Luminosity Masks

Hi Deke, I am a big fan of your tutorials on and find your style great. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the use of Luminosity Masks as part of an advanced workflow in Photoshop CC. I have seen some very interesting work by Jimmy Mcintyre on this topic but would love to see something on Lynda. Kind Regards Peter


Michael E. Krueger
Thanks for your teaching, its has always been a privilege taking your courses. Your enthusiasm every time you teach is vary inspiring and keeps me wanting more. Great teaching. I have been through your weekly classes at Lynda looking for a specific topic I have recently been in need of.

I would like to create a montage of photos to create a portrait. The obvious approach would be to take my collection of photos and create a pattern and then take the Portrait of interest and blend it into the pattern. Is this the best approach to a true montage?

If you have a class on this could you direct me to it?


Which software to start with?

Hi , Deke I am just starting with these softwares . But I actually don't know which one to start either Photoshop or Illustrator. Thanks in advance as I think my query will cleared by you.

Which software to start with

If you are asking whether to start with Photoshop (PH) or Illustrator (IL) the answer lies with you. Photoshop works in rasterized work (pixels) while Illustrator works in vectors, smooth and infinitely scaleable lines. There is a bit of crossover but each has its preferred method and uses.

What is your goal and what will you be doing? Will be you be starting with photos or stock images and manipulating them or making composite pictures? Then start with Photoshop, which in my opinion, has much more, stronger and versatile blending modes and layer styles.

Or, will you be creating artwork, logos, tee shirt designs, graphics for gaming, comics, etc? Then you'll want to start with Illustrator. This is not to say that you cannot create from scratch some outstanding art with Photoshop, because you can.

Regardless of which you start with there are some basics you'll want to get comfortable right from the start. Nothing to do with creating work but everything to do with workflow and efficiency. Learn your keyboard shortcuts. Eventually, you'll be working with one hand on the keyboard and the other hand on the mouse or tablet pen. Learn about files, layers, locking layers, duplicating layers and how to work non-destructively. Get into the habit of naming layers, and grouping layers when it makes sense to do so. Layers in PH and IL have slightly different uses. (I was once asked by a client to do some work on a project that they got from someone else. Inside was 104 unnamed photoshop layers. It took hours to sort it all out before I could do the actual work. So, do yourself and others a favor and get into the habit of naming layers and paths and groups.

In PH learn masking and clipping. In IL learn the pathfinder tool. Learn the black and white arrow tools and take Deke's course in the pen tool. That one course will save you hours of frustration.

Hopefully this gives you some insight.
Best of luck and enjoy.

Deke Always Rock

Hy Deke .....Its ur tutorials and teaching method that make me illustrator master...I wish to meet u one day in my life ...and thank to You,......

great teacher ....deke wounderful teaching method

sajid ch

hi deke

i am your fine ,u r world best designer , i have esay learning u r tutorial ,i request

u r continuous introduced to learning tutor ........


sajid ch

Hello!This is really nice

Hello!This is really nice blog. Full of energy in doing creative outcomes. Keep it up and you'll succeed. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Underwater photos

Can you add more underwater techniques like the turtle? Couldn't find the second installment.
Otherwise, everything is great.

Thank you

Stay Tuned, Chuck. Underwater goodness on the way

Just wanted to let you know that Deke's got an entire underwater course coming next!


I know a lot of people who will be very interested.

Thank you

Great course on

I am a Instructional Designer working at a government training center in Denver. Your courses really jazzed up my skills in Photoshop. Big fan of yours! Great thing about these courses you have on is I don't have to travel anywhere to take them, which is a big bonus since I'm disabled plus I don't waste a lot of time on the road. Oh yeah, I can go back to any point in the training and refresh my skills. You is da bomb Deke!'s Monarch and King

Hi, Deke. I am a teacher and have been watching your videos on, rather sporadically, I must confess, since 2008. (If you know anything about the life of teachers in this current decade, you know that our lives are consumed with many and varied tasks that leave little time for other pursuits.)

Anyway, this summner, I have devoted myself to getting back in the saddle and really learning how to use this amazing software. I love your videos! They epitomize good teaching strategies with the project based learning. And I am always entertained by your wit, amazed at your ability to multitask, and ever so thankful for all the insider tips and tricks you pass on to your viewers. You have just about ruined me for watching anyone else, with the exception of Mordy...he's an amazing teacher, as well.

I do have one request, and I don't know if you will have time for such a pursuit or not. I find myself stopping throughout your videos to type up the major steps involved, including little screen shots of something I might not get from the text, tips and tricks, etc., because I know that in a few months, weeks, or sometimes minutes, I am bound to forget some very vital maneuver in the process. I was initially saving the transcripts for this purpose, but they don't really meet the need because they have everything you say in a video, which includes a lot of extraneous stuff. But if there could be a synopsis of each chapter, say, for example, one for the layers chapter, one for the pen tool, with just the tips, tricks, or steps involved in a process, that would be beyond helpful. Then I know I for one could proceed faster through the courses, which with the time constraint I'm under, is imperative for me.

And if you don't have time, but think others might be interested, I can share what I make for myself. It's just that at 61, the little gray cells seemed to have less capacity for holding information. That's another reason I so greatly appreciate your videos...because there are so many opportunities to practice, and practice is what makes permanent.

Anyway, better wrap this up by finishing off with another round of applause for your excellent work in educating this here "dummie" in Illustrator and Photoshop. Your friend, Patti Pike

How to request...


I've recently been given the task to do some Illustrator work in our office and with out your your Lynda tutorials, I would have been lost. You have a great style, voice, tempo, and cadence. I find when working along side you in the sample files, sometimes the pace can be a bit fast, but then again, that's why there's rewind. :-)

I've been trying to figure out how to create a realistic ripped paper path that for example when I take a screen shot and want to show a portion, but don't care about the rest, I'd like to have an affect that would simulate ripped paper showing the reader there's more but it's not important. I can and have faded out the bottom, hard cut the image, but there's got to be an easier way. Can you help?



Recover old purple photo

Hi Deke,

I have an old color photograph probobly on Agfa paper that has become purple.
Have scanned it to see if I can recover it and I failed.
Is there a procedure to recover the photo to restore the colors?

If there is it would be a great subject for Deke’s Techniques.


Thank you!

In whatever way you have been very helpful. All your tutorials are easy to follow and not confusing. I'm just a beginner when I first saw your website but now, not anymore. Thanks!

Yo Teach!

You're -by far- the best teacher I've had for this type of learning! So much fun - keep up the great work!

Hi Deke

Hi Deke, i love to learn more and more Photoshop from you. Thank you for teaching me.