How would you prefer Deke spent his copious professional energies

Create more Photoshop courses
50% (198 votes)
Create more Illustrator courses
29% (114 votes)
Create any InDesign courses at all
14% (55 votes)
Update this poll more often with more cleverness
7% (26 votes)
Total votes: 393



You are simply Amazing Deke.....

eagerly waiting for Mastery course for illustrator & photoshop.........

ditto to that too

so true

The fourth course in PS CS6 One-on-One Series

Deke keeps saying that there are 4 courses in Photoshop CS6 one-on-one series, what will be the fourth course after advanced? Will it be 'mastery'? When will it be out?


Yes and momentarily. Or, soon.

Reference book

The videos are great but it's hard to remember where to find that tip that you know is in there somewhere.

I think a great book on Photoshop/Illustrator would have a huge index. When you're busy working, you often just need to be able to find that technique or trick. Better yet, an e-book with a great search index built in.


Hi Deke,

I watched just one of your videos recently and I became hooked! You have great 'video presence' (for lack of a better term), which makes it very easy to follow your tutorials. However, I have to agree with the majority and say that putting out an awesome CS6 book would be supper! I still enjoy flipping pages and making notes.

Don't forget to vote!

Statue or Bust - Turning a photo into a statue

YES, I know they're out there, but they simply don't look very convincing. I've had several requests at my place of employment but I simply can't make Photoshop do what I want it to do. And so I thought I would go to the expert.

Is there any way we can bend Deke's arm into putting together a tutorial for a really convincing image-into-stone effect?

Some of the main concerns with other tutorials is that they don't deal with realistic darks and shading (especially if the image is a brunette) as they are oftentimes. over pronounced without considering highlights or reflective light. More often then not, a simple marble texture is placed over a blurred displacement map. There's just got to be a better way.

. . . please???

You rule Deke!

This is my first comment here and I went through all the trouble of registering a new account (ouch!), only to post this comment. Hopefully Deke himself would see this and would smile after reading it.
Deke, I'm a fan of you and I'm from Iran. If you were a teddy bear, I would definitely want to squeeze you so tight to the point of choking! Thanks to your awesome videos and tutorials, I'm now able to call myself an actual designer.
I've always loved the excitement and joy in your voice and the way you talk in your videos. However, lately I've realized that you sound sad in your videos (Specially the new ones at My goodness! What happened Deke? I mean the change of pace is actually a good thing specially for us non-natives and it makes it easier for us to follow, but you sound really sad and you don't even sound close to the awesome Deke I knew!
Anyway whatever it is, I hope everything will be fine and I look forward to watch more of your fantastic videos.
Best regards from your humble student in Iran

Actions Command from Bridge

So, I had some cool action commands that allowed me to batch camera raw settings, add a watermark, color profile and resize for the web, in CS5, all from Bridge.
But now in new and SuperKwel CS6, it aint gonna fly!
I been searchin some o them rescue video's and just feel like somebody pulled the handle and am just circlin the drain about to go down.
Did this change in CS6 and was overlooked in the How To? Or is my BUlian Search messin with me?


I'm learning illustrator on my free 30 days from CS5. I'm a long time dead in the wool corel user, but this year they have tipped the scales for many years of filling the cup of ''totally fed up''' and while that has been going on, illustrator is doing some really doggone sharp things that I want to do. I listened to you first Deke and then tried some other tutors but I returned to you.

Even though I'm 30 years plus into this crazy business, I'm still excited and enthuised -- even more so now! And you show the same excitement. You get right down to business. In one sentence I learn a load of stuff. I love it.

Now CS6 is out and I don't have a second mortgage to buy it. But maybe in a couple of more years, when the price comes down a bit.

In the meantime, I'm an advid follower now!

(but still not a great speller :-)

Isabel Smith Art and Design | | 850.244.7353

I Read Books!!!

Books are the foundation of all learning. Books are available when you do not have online access!! Books can be highlighted on your favorite parts! Books last forever, not like a website and the page you want doesn't exist anymore! Books are portable I take them with me when sitting in any waiting room! Great way to spend the "waiting" time.

YES......... we need a new Photoshop CS6 Book immediately!!!!

It depends on where you are at

I put CS6 beta but doesn't it depend on where you, Deke, are at with it? If you're almost finished with the CS6 material then: books before video (because you can read them when the power's out. :)). But honestly, think it depends upon people's learning skills and how they assimilate new information. That's why the books vs. video question is a good one because it allows people to tell you how they learn the best.

Spiral O binding on the new book please

You don't need to hear it from me but your one of the the best teachers by far and I greatly appreciate your god given talent to instruct us but hasn't any one ever complained about instructional books never staying open. Please consider using spiral "O" binding, I will pay extra and I'm sure others will too.

Don't abandon the book!

I enjoy the videos: They are inspiring and entertaining. You become enthusiastic.. and is there a better way to learn ?... but, without diving into the lesson files - like in the books - step by step -
all the info goes flying out the window again. The lesson files are essential, and I find them quite amusing.. and oh, so thorough! So please.. more books. And a book you can take with you everywhere, waiting in line at the ferry terminal (I live on an island) traveling, lying in your hammock on a sunny spring day,
and I do believe that the last thing you read before falling asleep will fester in your mind... Layer lessons can actually make quite surrealistic dreams**
So now that I am finishing the "cs5 One on One- "book, have gone thru the Channels and Masks , the next step is the advanced tutorials on Lynda.Com.
My question is: The downloadable lesson files that accompany the videos, are they set up, so you can sit quietly and go through them - step by step - like in the books?

Photoshop CS6 book, YES!

When I started using Photoshop CS4,Deke's One on One book helped me the most in understanding and setting up the Bridge to my liking. That included tailoring the Metadata panel in a intelligent way,deciding what I needed to view and what I could safely leave out. Setting up helpful work spaces like "Big Thumbs with Panels" in Bridge and countless other details about Photoshop that cannot be covered in videos alone.

So my vote is for the CS6 One on One book. It may not be the only Photoshop book I will have,but it will be the first.

Video and Adobe God...............

I bought the complete DVD sets for Illustrator CS5 one-on-one series and then I saw the Photoshop CS5 one-on-one series just a few places down and also got them while I had them in my dirty little hands. I've always been a fan of books as I could always mark them in some form if I needed to remember something and all my books are from Deke McClelland. But once I got stuck into the Video series of Illustrator I was BLOWN away by the Amount of info I got out of Part 1 and couldn't believe how easy Deke make's it in the video. Videos are the way to go for Deke as he has the best video's I've seen and that included Youtube, I've also seen video's from other well known PS guru's but Deke is way above them in personality plus Deke's Video's are never boring and his voice is easy to listen to unlike most other video's I've heard.
Great work Deke and keep up the Video…..



Photoshop books are so 1980s! There are tons of books out there, but videos is what YOU should be doing. I know what you're saying "there's a ton of freakin' videos out there too, have you searched 'Photoshop' on you tube!!!" Yes this is true but every single one of those photoshop videos pale in comparison to yours. Videos are your calling, you are the best at Photoshop videos. What Michael Jordan was to basketball, what Joe DiMaggio was to baseball, what Idi Amin was to dictators, that's what YOUR Photoshop videos are to me.

Books vs Videos

Jeanne Lafferty
Yeah, videos are really great, but sometimes you're just lying in bed at night and decide you want to figure a thing out. And there's your How-to book, right within reach.


Jim Soderquist, I would like to see Dekes Tech. on creating portraits in Illustrator

Photoshop CS6 Preview on Mood

Hope all is well with you, I have been a fan for many years, and this is the first time I feel a very sad mood on any of your video series, not like your self, though, I don't know you personally, I hope is all in my head and nothing wrong was going on. Keep the great work. Can't wait to see what you do for the CS6 series.

I was and am okay

Had a cold and needed to preserve my voice, that's all.

My recent vacation might have helped my mood.

But my mood was not sad, it was mellow.

(When you hear me say, "blah blah blah," just imagine I'm saying "BLAH BLAH BLAH!")

Not the same


It sounds like you had a lobotomy in your latest CS6 movies on Lynda. Seriously, tell me what the real deal is. There is NO WAY that was voice preservation from a cold. Were you making a statement to someone? Are you caving to man? Are you suffering from some rare disease of the anus?? WHAT??

Please go back to the normal exciting and interesting Deke. I just can't watch another one of those funeral introductions you call a tutorial.


Mighty Displeased

My anus is just fine, thanks

Julie Andrews famously sacrificed her career to throat nodules. When I originally caught my cold (it was around Feb 26, the same time my 11-year-old Max experienced an unrelated irregular heartbeat), I could barely talk and was worried that I might be in for something similar. (You can imagine, throat nodules are bad news for a guy who blathers on for several hundred hours a year. Three things about me I want to preserve: Brain, hands, and voice, in that order. Liver and other organs, whatever.)

So, give me a solid and appreciate that I thought I'd take it easy. Meanwhile, of the buttload of comments we've received at, fully half the members (who've voiced an opinion) like the "new" Deke better. It's a fierce battle, frankly. No one seems to be in the middle. But there's a large contingent of folks saying words to the effect of "Gosh, in this course, Deke is not his usual assholio." By which they mean dick.

Frankly, where future courses are concerned, I'm thinking of splitting the difference. But if you like Classic Dick Deke better (I'm as much a fan of sticking my Deke in your face as anyone), I'm all ears.


I like your way of doing things Mr McLeland, I would like to encourage you to go forwards non stop. Well, there is always time for a cup of coffee or two...

Better late than never

Downloading CS6

Although I am on ADSL2+ downloading took hours. To add to my dismay twice it got to 80% and stopped. Eventually I got it. Then CS6 decided that I didn't have enough disc space. Uninstalled LR4 trial version and CS6 was happy. Mainly I have been processing raw files. I have been using LR since day one, I am thinking that I may stick with LR3.6 and do my processing in CS6. That way I can put the cost of LR4 towards CS6. Down here in OZ the price of the LR4 upgrade is a ripoff, 33% more than if I bought it in the States.

Abandon books in favor of

Abandon books in favor of non-stop videos on Adobe CS6.

RE: the CS6 videos, is there a downloadable follow along image?

deke and co.

not sure where to post this, and I feel like a tool bag because I could have overlooked it somewhere or missed it in one of the vdeos... but... is there somewhere to download the image of the gentleman you used in the videos for I'd like to follow step by step with the same pic.

Sorry to bug you.

and thank you so terribly much for always putting out the best tutorials. AND the best heads up email. I sent it to allll my nerdy CS pals. I am so friggen stoked with CS6.

Thank you deke and everyone else!



what program do you like best?

CS5 One-on-One Videos - confusion solved!

I recently purchased your book on Photoshop CS5, but was unable to view the videos on the O'reilly website when I clicked the "watch" button - I just got a "connection failed" message. However the "download" button doesn't just give you the option to save the file to your computer, it also lets you just view it in your browser. Maybe the "watch" button is to a streaming server connection that's not available any more?

It's on its way

Already done with 75% of my next-gen Photoshop One-on-One Fundamentals course for Plus New Features is 100% ready to go. Lots coming down the pike in the very near future.