How would you prefer Deke spent his copious professional energies

Create more Photoshop courses
50% (197 votes)
Create more Illustrator courses
29% (114 votes)
Create any InDesign courses at all
14% (55 votes)
Update this poll more often with more cleverness
6% (25 votes)
Total votes: 391


Who read books? Photoshop CS6 please, like NOW! :)

Deke is the #1 favorite teacher I've had, online or live, and I keep watching every video material I find from Photoshop or Illustrator by him. Please get started with Photoshop CS6, I know is not yet out but I tried the beta and although I am hugely impressed, I have some split mind... I would like to see his Pro opinion on it.

Please don't forget that books for CS6 are needed as well

Who's reading books anymore???? I am.
Yes, I view video, but to rehearse something, to understand something in depth, reading on paper outperforms the video or the tablet. Learning is 'and and'.
Take masks and channels. I've read Deke's book at least three times and seen some of the videos five times to really get it into my brain.

CS6 Books Needed for sure...

I teach at a college and I can assure you that students do still use print books, So many times the content is more easily grasped and retained with print matter. We use videos, ebooks and print books! So please write new books for us Deke.