Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals

Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals Art

Illustrator is the gold-standard vector graphics program that is deep and complex. Fortunately, nobody knows the software like award-winning book and video author Deke McClelland. Join Deke as he explores such indispensable features as artboards, layers, line art, transformations, and the Pen tool. Gain expertise with real-world projects that makes sense. Follow along with Deke using exercise files that accompany the course.

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List price: $145.95USD
Duration: 23 hours on 1 DVD
ISBN 13:1-59671-640-1

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Making a Document

Chapter 2: Navigation and the Workspace

Chapter 3: Opening Documents and Getting Organized

Chapter 4: Basic Line Art

Chapter 5: Geometric Shapes

Chapter 6: Fill, Stroke, and Color

Chapter 7: Edit and Transform

Chapter 8: Working with Type

Chapter 9: Using the Pen Tool

Chapter 10: Pathfinder Operations

Chapter 11: Printing a Document

Chapter 12: Exporting to the Web (and Elsewhere)


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Pineapple Glyph

Hi Deke,

I have watched Chapter 8: Working with Type (section 0815).

As I am from Scotland I notice the 'Thistle Glyph'. While I was looking at the symbol you selected it and called it a 'Pineapple'.

I nearly spat my coffee all over my monitor, I love the idea of change Scotland's national emblem to a pineapple. It might encorage the weather to be a bit more tropical.

Keep up the good work.



The thistle is Scotland's national emblem???

How did I not know that? I'm a Scot. (Or, at least, once we was.)

So here's the question(s): What does a pineapple taste like after it's been steeped a fortnight in Lagavulin? With a dram of Hendrick's to make it shite?

No Welcome Screen

There is no Welcome screen in Illustrator Cs5 by default. The tutorial says that illustrator opens with a welcome screen.


I have signed up to in order to learn how to use Illustrator. I am really enjoying working my way through your one-on-one fundamentals course. However when I use CS5 on my Mac, I only get the tool bars etc around the outside of the screen and can see my desk top and icons in the middle. Whereas your screen has the middle as grey. I find my desktop very distracting but don't know how to get it the same as yours. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.