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Photoshop Challenge

Photoshop for Fashion designers: How to create a realistic plaid pattern with a twill weave in photoshop and manipulate it using smart objects. Including how to scale or swap the pattern while retaining the warp, texture and shading. Yep, It's a mouthful. 

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Well deserved

How do you tell clans apart in Scotland? You look under their kilts and if you see a quarter pounder he's a McNugget.

Forgive me I couldn't resist.

Marquee tool for stripes

Very good application of a variety of techniques. I was able to keep up (with frequent pauses and replays) but missed how stripes were created using the Marquee tool. Help!


Sorry, in my need to get in under 10 minutes I kind of blasted through the stripes section. Just use the rectangular marquee to drag a rectangle from top to bottom of your page.
To make multiple stripes hold the shift key and continue to drag out as many as you need.
I filled them using the short cut Alt+Backspace (Opt+ Delete)
Then repeated the process until I was happy with the look.

Cross Stitch too

Thanks for your answer. The stripes did seem to magically appear.

One other thing, did you set Angle Jitter to Direction in Shape Dynamics for your brush to get cross-hatching on the perimeter stitching?

Congrats on an excellent tutorial.


Yes, it was set to direction.

I can see why you won!!!

Excellent tutorial!! I'm not worried about the blistering speed, but I DEFINITELY needed to pause A LOT to work this myself. Love how you integrated smart objects in for such a practical use. Great job and congrats!!!

Thank you

{Blushing} Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I had fun making it.

plaid tut

Wonderful tut! Thanks for presenting the challenge, Deke. And thanks for taking the time to make a fun, engaging and intriguing tut Desdiner! I will have fun playing with these tricks! I keep forgetting about seamless patterns in PS. Love your brisk, and friendly and self assured presence too! aloha, Uhane

tutorial teaching style very smooth

seems you are not only very effective in your teaching style, but you've also picked up on Deke's impossible speed ;) i always have to pause and rerun Deke's tutorials as well... well done and very effective use of tools and technique.

good luck in this contest and in making all the "right contacts" in your professional career

Great Job!!!

I love this technique! Beautiful job and it's something I can really use. I love these "Old School" techniques. Good luck on the contest!


Thanks for your comment. "Old School" ? You definitely need to elaborate on that.

Yeah, well I thought making

Yeah, well I thought making the pattern was "Old School" because it could be done in almost any version of Photoshop. Updating it via the smart object feature was definitely "New School." It was a really slick technique that I want to try out sometime.

Old School

OK, I get it. Thanks for clarifying. I guess I am kind of old school. I don't use the bells and whistles just because they're there. I only use them when they can speed up work flow or improve the final product. Which is exactly what Smart objects do.

That is so true.

That is so true.


Great job on the tut!

Realistic Plaid Tutorial

Wonderful use of a variety of simple steps to create such a realistic look. My high school students will love it.

Nice use of Smart Objects

Good job on the end result. I like this idea.

Smart objects

Thanks! Smart objects were the best thing ever added to photoshop. Save me hours of extra work if I set up my files with a little forethought since things are constantly changing in the fashion industry.

Cool tutorial

Beautiful,it a cool fresh new video.Which deke techniques you used for it?

Deke Vids

I referred to : #28 Seamlessly repeating patterns,
#62 Adding a magnifying glass, and #81 Rotating a pattern layer in Photoshop.