Martini Hour 023, In Which Colleen Dreams of Martini-Mixing Website-Designing Software

Ah, doesn't it just feel better to slink into the 'lounge on a Thursday? The weekend's in sight and it's time to unwind. Of course, anytime is good for kicking off your shoes, pouring yourself a relaxing beverage, and talking to your friends. But somehow this Thursday spot just feels more festive. And if changing the day isn't enough to shake up your world, this week we go where Martini Hour has never gone before, to a discussion of Dreamweaver (yes, Dreamweaver!) with the wonderful web guru James Williamson.

Some of you may know James from his Dreamweaver videos at and he's also the Director of Training at Lodestone Digital, but frankly until James walked into the lounge I had barely done much more than launch the program. Here's what Deke, James, and I covered over fine microbrews:

What can and can't Dreamweaver do for you, the creative individual who wants to rough out their first website? Where do you start? What do all those choices mean? Listen as James walks Deke and me through the Dreamweaver interface, reassuring us with his soothing vocal stylings and impeccable know-how. He's quite patient with my desire to start every project (web, drawing, etc) in InDesign. (By the way, James wrote a great blog post on Moving from Print to Web after visiting the lounge. We're inspiring and being inspired. Creative symmetry!)

Oh, and James seals his invitation to return by finishing with a fine Irish toast.

Interested? Well of course, your dreams of web design have been woven. Here's the regular-quality (192kbps) audio file. You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save.

For you rant-loving audiophiles out there, here's the high-quality (320kbps) file. Definitely download this one (as opposed to streaming it).

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Micro Brew and Microdata

A very enjoyable evening. I almost felt like I was hanging out with my two favorite instructors and the gracious Colleen.
Deke and James always manage to entertain while they teach and this was more intimate. Deke appears to be known for Photoshop Kung Fu but I learned Illustrator from him. James managed to steer me subtly away from my expectations of Dreamweaver being Word (or InDesign) for the Web to the land of code. I truly love code now and lately use Dreamweaver primarily to ferret out the dynamically related files in Wordpress and Drupal. Yes Blogging software. James mentioned that he uses it to manage his online presence and I remember thinking. "How can the guy teaching me how to design and build websites be using this crutch?" Well now I know. Those crutches do some heavy lifting! I can still customize the appearance the way I want without worrying about many of those annoyances mentioned this evening.
It was hilarious when Blu Ray was mentioned. I could do without optical drives at all myself.
Thank you and I will drop by again. I was not imbibing but have been known to drink an Arrogant Bastard Ale of an evening.


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Preserving Layer Thumbnail Sizes in Illustrator?

Hey, y'all - my first post! I asked this question on the Adobe forum and never got a single answer, so I figured I'd come to the real experts. I like to enlarge the layer thumbnails in Illustrator (CS3 and CS4 - I'm using both since I'm only allowed to have the program on two computers; CS4 at work and on the laptop; CS3 on my home desktop). But I haven't found a way to save the thumbnail sizes - saving the workspace doesn't seem to work; in fact if I resize them in one file, then open another one at the same time, the new file goes back to the default tiny thumbnails and I have to resize them EVERY time. Is there a way to save the thumbnail sizes? Thanks, Mary