Martini Hour 027, In Which Colleen Struggles Gracefully with Her Raging Sibling Rivalry

David Futato can see White Russians from his front porch. He also figures out everything about InDesign that the One-on-One team ever needs to know. (Case in point this week's post from David about the new cross reference feature in InDesign.) David is only person imposed upon Deke (ahem) by his publisher whom Deke ultimately deemed worthy of both personal and professional comraderie. (Listen to the show to see how Deke slithers out of that one.) How, you might ask, do I, stalwart hardworking editor/sidekick, manage not to seethe with jealousy in the face of Deke's obvious reverence for his beloved "Design Mastermind." Well, David also happens to be a kind, compassionate, knowledgable, hardworking guy who unquestionably deserves his Golden Child Status.

Here's what David brings to the lounge this week:

David explains this week: What it's like to design a template for use by "non-designers," the kinds of things he has to anticipate and plan for. How he survives the last-minute chaos of being part of teamDeke during a book cycle. What's it like to be the pre-press guru to the man (Deke) who knows just about everything else but would be lost without David's ability to handle that last minute communication with the printer.

And in the course of things, learn all about our dirty family laundry.

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David on prepress

Was nodding and smiling a lot when David Futado was describing how he gets stuff to press without "issues". Great to hear a mention for the forgotten army of prepressies who daily handle much worse files than Deke describes. No offence all. JobOptions for Export from InDes are prepress's secret weapon. We love PDF Export! And how we also love that we can Export a page full of RGB, Spot cmyk...all on-the-fly with correct JobOptions. The hard part is teaching/training customers to supply PDFs this way in advance. But we're getting there. And a timely reminder on the need for styles, and nested styles, to keep order within chaos. Thanks for a pleasant Martini Hour.

Really enjoyed it

Totally enjoyed listening and learned a lot of stuff !! :-)

I cant see the video

Josep Hi guys, I have just joined this page, I this has to be incredible but when I click to watch the video I only listen but my screen is in black with soun but withot image, is there am I doing wrong? I need your help. Best regards Your friend Josep.

The dekeLounge is an Audio Only experience

Martini Hour is for the enjoyment of your ears, thus allowing you to fill in the picture with your mind. But if there's ever anything you need described (what Deke was wearing, for example) I'll be happy to provide details.

Yes, please what was he wearing? I'm going to guess a tuxedo and some blue suede shoes. Or maybe just barefeet. With a ring on his big toe. And another one on his.....finger. And a sombrero. Am I close? :-D

Aw, Colleen

David can't help it that he's so great. You know that I still love you, tho. Right? Big hugs.

I think I'm blushing...

And Colleen, I still owe you that martini. :-)