Martini Hour 029, In Which Colleen Implores You to Edit Yourself (and Your Photos)

Never ones to rest on our lounging accomplishments, which are many and legendary, this week Deke and I invent two new segments for Martini Hour, which we enjoy over icy end-of-summer gin and tonics. First up, Shameless Plug, in which Deke discusses the new Photoshop Top 40 video series, a little about this week's installment, and where the hermetically sealed envelope is stashed that holds his #1 Photoshop feature. I go on to invent another new segment, Lounge Lexicon, which Deke tries futiley to turn into a chair-turned-man-eating-robot, but really gives us the chance to distinguish between seemingly interchangable terms in the digital imaging vernacular that aren't really interchangable at all.

 Here's what we discuss between slurps of our refreshing G&Ts:

Shameless Plug: Photoshop Top 40By now, most of you have seen Deke's new video series, the Photoshop Top 40, a rapid fire consideration of one of Deke's forty-most favorite features in Photoshop. This week covers Save for Web (and Devices). We chat a little about the series, a little about how he decides which features land where in his countdown,  a little about why one would actually want to save for web, and of course, exactly  which devices Adobe has in mind? (By the way, we are working to get it on iTunes. Stay tuned.)

Lounge Lexicon: Photo Editing vs. Image EditingThis week, we also try to distinguish between these two phrases, one which refers to pixel wrangling and one which refers to honing your shoot down to just the best shots. Why one comes before the other, and how, under no circumstance should you send grandma 10 photos of roughly the same thing no matter how cute your kid is. Either way, dekeIfornians, they both contain the word edit. Edit people. Control yourselves. Craft your stories and your pictures. Please.

Toast of the WeekWe toast being able to find your car in an airport garage after a long trip (courtesy of a tip from our friend Derrick Story.)

Where else are the hosts making up fun sounding segments just to keep you on your auditory toes? Nowhere, that's where. So here's the regular-quality (128kbps) audio file. (Note we've decreased the size of the "regular quality." You can stream, or for best results, right-click and choose Download or Save.

For you geek-loving audiophiles out there, here's the high-quality (320kbps) file. Definitely download this one (as opposed to streaming it).

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bring me more ,deke..

bring me more ,deke..

I agree with deke_lover

Digital imagery is facing a lot of the same stuff music faced 10 years ago, with "sampling" and the like. With the flap over the Obama posters, I'd love to hear your take on some of it.

The Sampling

I Thing it wil be a huge and intersting martini hour Black Seals ... White Reveals...!

Even the Great Masters sampled those that went before them

And if they did it well, the art was strong and the sampling barely perceptible. Yeah.

inspired by you and the president...

well deke you inspired the graphic arts use of photoshop and illustrator.... and many all nighters on Here is a severely edited me - send me a shipping address and I will send you a bottle or so and then you can make a really hot bloody mary! and u 2 can be all wee wee'd up! label michael

The Sauce has hit the road

Watch your UPS, forget the GPS - the sauce is on its way to you. Perhaps a hot Bloody Mary for the upcoming "Martini Hour" and Ctrl-J!

I got it, man

Haven't tried the tomato jelly yet, but the hot sauce is seriously damn hot. (And I'm fairly hard to impress in that dept.) Not sure I understand the name -- do you pee in it? Thanks!!

I'm the follower. waiting

I'm the follower. waiting your update

Garmin GPS 60 CSX

The venerable Garmin 60CS just got a whole lot better. The 7.5-ounce GPSMap 60CSx now features an insanely accurate, high-sensitivity GPS receiver by SiRF that tracks your position even in tree cover and canyons. Plus, you get a bright, sunlight-readable color TFT display and an included a 64 MB microSD card for storage of optional map detail. Add all that to the 60CSx's integrated barometric altimeter and electronic compass, and you've got a unit that is ready to take you anywhere on land or sea.

Hmm, is this spam or information?

Has not the least bit of nothing to do with anything. And yet there are no links. Gosh, gang, what d'you think? Should we keep or kill?

GPS Spam?

I interpreted as loosely saying you could use GPS to find your car (instead of the simpler tip of taking a picture of it in the parking lot). But now that I think about it, the GPS would still be in the car I can't find. So, I say spam.

Kill it with fire...

...although anything that uses the phrase "integrated barometric altimeter " surely includes spam of the highest pressure. Kill (with care) with fire.

No, no, not yet....

I haven't finished editing it to fit a formal meter yet. It could be genius. I don't know whether to go with paranelle, paradiddle, sesquedoodle or sonnet, though. What do you think? hmmmm.....


Dear Deke and Colleen... Please Can you Make a special Podcast on "Legislations & Ethics in digital imaging" ..if you can cover the basics of intellectual propoerties and some laws and ethics of how to use photos and how to include subjects that does not violate the laws..! Thanks in Advance Tay Black Seals ... White Reveals...!

Great read!! This will help me a lot

The read about photo editing and image editing was good. Waiting for new updates now.

Yep, I always love reading

Those audio podcasts. Now I'm off to watch me a good book.

Great energy!

I always look forward to these. Your chemistry is amazing!