Martini Hour approaches

Never fear, more dekePods are in the works.

In the meantime, we have something special ready to go live this coming week.

Its format will be an audio-only podcast.

And its content will be Colleen and I kicking back with an adult beverage or two in the dekeLounge. We invite you to do the same as we discuss all things graphics and imaging to the dulcet stylings of Buddy and the Pims Quartet. It's name:

Martini Hour

And wait'll you get a load of the sound quality on this thing. Production-wise, it is to audio what dekePod is to video. Those of you who inhale rather than imbibe, it's an aural delight. (It's been ages since I could personally confirm such things; even so, we're considering changing our mantra to What Would Phelps Do?)

Just remember the rules of Martini Hour: Whatever your analgesic, pace yourself, be civil to those around you, tip the bar staff, and take a cab home.

If you've a mind to, join us. And stay tuned for more.

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Martini Hour

I know, I know, altered consciousness walking is bad. So I save the scotch (sorry Deke ) until I get home. But I've got to say, Martini Hour on an IPOD while walking about and listening... It works! Pete

Excellent news!!

You can walk and drink. I've done it. New Orleans, Pleasure Island, my back yard . . . I sanction Scotch. Especially an Islay. Lagavulin and me, very tight. (Hey, that's a pun!)

Photoshop CS4 Channels and Masks Book

Deke, Having problems installing Channels & Masks.xmp file from DVD included in subject book. I'm using Windows Vista and Adobe Extension Manager CS4 keeps telling me I don't have sufficient permission to install the file. I checked User Accounts and I'm listed as administrator on my machine. Also checked web site to ensure I had latest version of Adobe Extension Manager. Went to Adobe website looking for help. No joy. Do you have suggestion before I write off installing the file? Dean

Vista security edit

Try right clicking the Channels and Masks folder with all the files from the book or even the .xmp file alone. Select the security tab in the dialog box. Below the users list click the edit button. Click on each user in turn and check the permission/access boxes that are available. If some are able to be checked (and not grayed out), that may get you past the vista security and allow you to install the files.

Try this, Dean

Even though you are logged in as an administrator, Vista sometimes adds another layer of 'protection'. This is circumvented by right clicking the file, and choosing "Run as Administrator". Hope that works for you. :-)

Video Podcast

I would love to see a live video podcast. I see you are using twitter now. Leo Laporte has a lot of success using Stickam. The quality is great. Anyways, just an idea. :)

This is an interesting idea

If it's so new it makes your nose bleed, you know Leo's onto it. Really amazingly nice guy, btw. I like Leo a lot.

Photoshop World

Deke, I remember you said that you were not going to be at PS World in March, but will you be teaching at the fall event? I would like to go to one of these eventually (I've never been), but would definitely like to attend some of your classes. Do you think PS World is worth it for people with pretty good PS skills already, or is it geared mainly toward beginners? DP

Geared toward everyone

Photoshop World is an evenly balanced event. Scott hits the photography market. And it shows. His line-up is solid digital workflow and photographers. Experience-wise, his audience is diverse. Beginners, advanced. It's a representative mix. My understanding is I'll be back in Las Vegas (Fall). But as any free-lancer knows, each and every gig is tenuous.


Are the Martini Lounges (is that even a correct noun? does it matter?) going to posted in on the podcast or do we need to look for them here on the dekeSite?

Martini Hour and dekepod

Are independent podcast entries at iTunes, and require separate subscriptions. See the first Martini Hour post for the iTunes feed.

Text Effect Question

What's the best way to make text look like it's stamped in metal? I made this square look like brushed aluminum and want to put some text in it. But I want to stamped look if possible. Tired bevel/emboss, copy text and such. Anyone?

Although this tutorial is for wood,

the technique should work okay for metal, I would think. Give it a try and see how it turns out.


I'll take a look. Thanks Ya P!

How did you get on?

Did it work alright? :-)

Busy Week

Haven't tried it yet. I'm being swapped with craziness this week. People in the hospital, a death in the family, and my little girl got some shots for her first year anny. Ugh, but I will try it out, it looks like what I was trying to do. With my head all jumbled like this I can't focus. Although I can still write for some reason... Mmm Cookies!

Sorry to hear of your woes, androsine

It sure can jumble your head, your heart, your very spirit. I understand completely. Take care, and may good things be just around the corner for you. *hugs*

Is it Martini o'clock, yet?

Or schtoog o'clock if you're Michael Phelps? I'm thirsty, eager and ....oh, never mind - I appear to have inhaled it all already. Uh oh. ;-P Also....'nuther is possible to create 2 layer masks for one layer, yet it does not seem possible to actually work on two layer masks for the one layer. Thankfully, this can be worked around with a shallow knockout layer, but it'd be cool to be able to have two layer masks at work sometimes - one for precise masking, the other for perhaps a gradient mask - that kind of thing. Is there any button or preference setting that will allow me to have two separate working layer masks for one layer? Many thanks!

Meanwhile, if you google "schtoog"

Your posting on this very site is hit #4. Way to put us on the map, Petra! We're first in deke. With some effort, we may yet be first in schtoog! I love that we nearly own the word. (C'mon people, we need more schtoog comments!!) My only question: What the hell does it mean? Is open?

I may have spelled it wrong.

It could be shhtoog. If you're at a party in NZ, and someone looks at you with a cheeky grin and says "schtoog" or "shhtoog", it means come outside for one o'them funny cigarettes; at which point you slip around the back with a bunch of yer reprobate mates for some stoner gossip and giggles for half an hour before rejoining the main party. It's quite good fun, really. lol

Layer masks come in two forms: pixel & vector

And they can be combined on a single layer. Use the vector mask for precision, and the pixel mask for the gradient. Your voice mail question was great, btw. You'll be on MH #7 (I believe). Your distinctive Kiwi modulations can only elevate your local status. C and I were attempting a transcription. Enjoyed useless as T on a B. Was that one word intertube? Hadn't heard that one before, but in researching it I see it enjoys a rich tradition stretching back literally 30 months. Your question about Extract is best answered on John Nack's site, complete with links for Mac and Windows.

I was pondering language...

...and how something could be considered offensive in one country and inoffensive in another. I had to smile that you felt you had to type "T on a B". In NZ, a very agricultural nation, T on a B is a common phrase that even the most delicate of refined ladies might utter without shame. Same with the word "bugger" - though I'm pretty sure we're not a nation of sodomites - and the word was even used extensively in a Toyota commercial here. Oh, and schtoog - it's been awhile since I could confirm such things, too - I was just fondly reminiscing of days gone by. ;-) I've got a busy couple of days ahead, but next week sometime, I'm going to ask you to clarify the vector/pixel mask thing. I understand the difference between pixel and vector, but cannot seem to apply it to two masks on one layer. Also, you know what would be cool? Instead of having one mask for all filters run on a smart object, it would be cool to have each separate filter have it's own mask. That would rock!

Oh, thank you!

weird. how did I double post? :-/

Very sorry

It appears to be a glitch on our end. I saw your comment briefly, but now it's gone. Do you have it to repost? Sucks -- sorry!

Oh, well, never mind

Can't for the life of me remember what I said, but I'm sure it was fabulous. LOL. And it definitely included "thank you". :-)

Copy Layer

How about a copy of the same layer and use the gradient mask on that the the selection mask on the original?

I just remembered one of the things I said...

Thanks, androsine, for your suggestion. It definitely works, so serves the purpose well enough; but it does increase the file size so much more. And after mucking about with an HDR image using the Topaz Adjust plug in on a smart object layer, I'm starting to have memory issues due to processes running on such a large file. As the bishop said to the actress, "I need more RAM".

Low Light Lounge Learning (Awesome)

Petra, you are the Queen of Awesome Aliteration! I might have to use that one but I promise to give you credit.


I don't need no credit, Calliope Colleen. I'm coo' like dat. ;-D Besides, it all comes from listening to too much Nick Cave (current fave being Dig! Lazarus! Dig!) and reading too much Pablo Neruda an' stuff. :)

Quick off-topic question

Extract. The worst of the selection tools, in my opinion, and for the most part not missed at all. Until now, that is. Extract was actually pretty good at creating some interesting frame effects and I'm sure I read somewhere that peeps can still download the Extract filter as an optional extra from Adobe, but I can't find it. Do any of you guys know whether or not I'm dreaming; and if I'm not dreaming, where do I get the download from? Cin cin!