Martini Hour approaches

Never fear, more dekePods are in the works.

In the meantime, we have something special ready to go live this coming week.

Its format will be an audio-only podcast.

And its content will be Colleen and I kicking back with an adult beverage or two in the dekeLounge. We invite you to do the same as we discuss all things graphics and imaging to the dulcet stylings of Buddy and the Pims Quartet. It's name:

Martini Hour

And wait'll you get a load of the sound quality on this thing. Production-wise, it is to audio what dekePod is to video. Those of you who inhale rather than imbibe, it's an aural delight. (It's been ages since I could personally confirm such things; even so, we're considering changing our mantra to What Would Phelps Do?)

Just remember the rules of Martini Hour: Whatever your analgesic, pace yourself, be civil to those around you, tip the bar staff, and take a cab home.

If you've a mind to, join us. And stay tuned for more.

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Adobe web site

Petra- if you haven't already located your plug-ins, Adobe's web site has got all the info here (with appropriate links to download if you need to, as well as instructions on where to find and copy the info from both your install DVD and CS3 folders):

Thanks, jeremyv10

I managed to score the download last night (Deke linked to the Adobe website, too). Easy peasy. :-) But, alas, it's not doing what I'd hoped to the image that brought it back into my mind. Ain't that always the way! lol

you're most welcome

Isn't that the way of things though. You can see in your mind's eye what you are trying to achieve and we try and try again to get there. Hope it ultimately turns out.

It's on the Photoshop CS4 DVD

There's an Optional Plug-Ins folder or some such somewhere. You can also copy the old Photoshop CS3 Extract plug-in and use that. (I believe that's all that's included with CS4.) I'm away from my office, so I don't have the DVDs on me. But let me know if you need specific path names and I'll hunt around.

Thanks, deke

I have the disk, so I'll look for those files tomorrow, after I've had a good night's sleep. :) btw, what's MATLAB?

Are you purists, or more creative with your Martinis?

Will I be scolded (nay, spanked!) if I were to appear at this speakeasy with a summer variant that doesn't even contain gin or vermouth, yet still has the audacity to call itself a Martini of sorts? I was thinking something from Swank's glorious recipes; the 'Refreshing Breeze Martini', for be consumed by the seaside in a floaty dress with no knickers on, of course (hey, I got a rep to uphold now!) while playing with my Wacom? Either way, I look forward to the new, laid back dekeLounge broadcasts. And this post was bought to you by Imani Coppola's "Legend of a Cowgirl". I'd give my life to be her. 8^)

I believe that question will be answered in the first episode

But beware, official martinis are made with gin!

But it's mother's ruin!

And I'm already ruined. :( However, you will provide a recipe, won't you? That way, we can all be in mouthwatering Martini synch with our mmmmmmagnanimous mentors, groovin' on gin'n'Vermouth and low light lounge learnin' - my favourite kind. :-D

Don't worry

It's daddy's ruin, too. ;-D No, wait, I'm serious.

Don't be serious!

It's so unbecoming. ;-P

Thirsty for knowledge in a conical glass... with olives!

Can't wait to meet you in the lounge, dekeSter!