My Head Is Huge

No, no, it's not how it sounds. I'm really quite modest and unassuming. See, here's the thing: My head is literally huge.

If by any chance you decide to visit Amazon to check out my Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One book, please be advised that the moment you scroll down the page, you'll be accosted by a gigantic picture of my face.

Which is unfair, because it's unexpectedly whopperian. By which I mean hippopotamuginormus. Or, if you prefer, leviathanomonstrobrobdingnagian.

So as a special mid-week enterprise, I'd like to invite every last one of you to take this wonderful (but inexplicably Jupiterium) photo of my (disturbingly Gredelian) face from Kevin O'Connor and do both of the following:

  • Turn it into the best possible Big Brother/robot overloard/Wizard of Oz image that ever was.
  • Figure out how to post it to this site, which involves your posting it elsewhere and linking to that image here with your HTML skills. Or, if that's driving you crazy, email us your amazing damn-Deke-your-head-is-like-some-amazing-elephantine-dirigible artwork to

I'm thinking, for every five people who enter, one wins. Those are like the biggest, most pie-faced, most yikes-your-head-is-like-some-kind-of-inflatable-waffle-of-the-gods odds that ever were. The prize? Obvious. My hot-off-the-oversized-presses Photoshop CS4 One-on-One book, which includes 4 supersized hours of video.

(But not signed. We haven't figured that one out yet.)

Good luck. Winners next week.

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ok I'm new here!

well I'm new yet It seems as though I may have found a home!!! Finally:) so to deke and colleen thank you and deke I have spent the last two days religiously watching your cs5 illustrator one on one fundementals. I was such a rookie dabble In photoshop once in a while kinda guy. now I have the creative sweet and making money doing banners web content and photo editing. yet I know how rookie I really am the fact that these fools are paying me is amazing!!!! I mean yes I absolutely do a great job! they look fantastic it just blows m,e away and I cant wait to actually live and breath the adobe world. I have set my sights on this. I went to berklee college of music and it was 100,000! dollars down the drain. of all the information I learned I make 0zero living with it. but yet I find this to be far more finacially and spiritually rewarding. any ways when are you gonna be done with illustrator cs5 MASTERY!!! ~Munger~

Hey, Deke/Colleen

Just wondering if the great and awesome prizes were sent out at all? I've been watching my mailbox and scowling at the mail lady for not bringing me my bestest of Xmas presents yet. :p

Don't worry

mine hasn't arrived yet either. I am so furious! (No, I'm not ;p - Anticipation is the best of joys after all, as we use to say :)

Soon, my chicks

They took a circuitous route from the O'Reilly warehouse to my desk there at HQ to the trunk of my car through the Channels and Mask book and off to FedEx international. cw

Sounds dodgy....

I like it! :-D So what's the secret handshake/hat tip? And don't worry - I can totally keep a secret... ;-p

Big Head

Hello Deke, I hope that I too am not to late, as I just became aware of the contest. Enjoy your leviathanomonstrobrobdingnagian head. Judging by your smile I think you like the view. rdune moon man edit Peace, Darren

I owe this site so much

Not love or gratitude. Content. Yoiks I'm behind! Anyway, I'll make pronouncements on the Huge Head art as soon as I can. Dekenfurter and DEK-E are fairly obvious choices. And let's be real: They'd make a lovely couple. But I couldn't hang out with them. Because they stole My Huge Head!

Ahh the joys of a blog...

It's like a baby or a pet...requires regular feeding and attention. Only it won't die and get you arrested for neglecting it...maybe blogs are more like plants then? They whither a bit if left alone for too long, but will spruce right back up with a little tlc. Blogs = plants. Yeah, that's the ticket! BTW, Dekenfurter = awesome. It's one of those things you can't not look at, no matter how strangely disturbing it is... I love it.

That's just it

I as Tim Curry am a freak-of-nature train wreck. As all the best train wrecks are. (See why I'm proud?) Speaking of which, is Al Franken president yet? I demand a recount!


Hi Deke have given up I think the Pygmies up the AMAZON have got the book to practice there blowpipes on I shall wait to see what comes on the shelfs if any due to credit crunch or the cannibals lunch.

I had to read that twice

I was sure you said "cannabis lunch". I must be up far too early on a Saturday morning. My reading comprehension has not kicked in properly yet. :-O And Deke - I double dog dare you to do your next dekePod as Frankenfurter! Oh, good times...good times! :-D

Wot's the deadline?

My guess is that Deke is otherwise engaged in performing his civic duty at the polling booth, and then celebrating this historical period in time by spilling some champagne at a political party with like-minded friends and family. Out with the old (and mindbogglingly awful) and in with the new! :-D So would it be cheating if I were to take more time (tonight, hopefully) and make a better job of my entry? Hmmmm......

Actually, never mind. I

Actually, never mind. I didn't give it any time last night 'cos I celebrated and got very drunk. And I won't do it today 'cos I have a hangover from hell. Well done, USA!!! Thank you! Ugh. My head hurts. :(


Quick rushed job - hope I'm not too late for deadline! Here's our mad artsy sciency Dr. Dekenfurter looking especially hot. He's so astounding. :-D Edit: Oh, bugger....I thought I knew how to put pics up. :( One more try: RHPS-RW1C2-FrankTattooL

Huge Head Makes Top 5


I don’t want to make your head much bigger but this blog post made my Photoshop This Week: Top Five. As much as I’d like to manipulate your head (I mean that in a grizzly way not a dirty way) I already have your new book delivered by Amazon yesterday! Plus I’ve been busy entering Halloween contests. Then again maybe I’ll win a second copy to keep at my summer house.

Roger Head Camp Counselor Camp Photoshop

Huge Head grow

Take over world!

destroy the(m)all Deke!!

I'll be honest with you people

These are all very disturbing images. But all you had to work with was my monstrously over-huge head, so what did I expect? By which I mean, keep up the wonderful work!

Now THATs a BIG head

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Steve is doubly inspired by Big Head

and Submitted by Steve Newton

The Shining Poster

is seamless. Brilliant. :-)

From Carol

Here's how I imagine Deke secretly sees himself ;-)


LOL! Fantastic. :-D

LOL! Fantastic. :-D

Deke's Back in Town

The "Wiz" is back and Oz will never be the same.....

Thomas Thomas Benner p.s. Your "huge head" comment inspired me Obiwan. "Dorothy" has got your back and the doves come from the ending of "Blade Runner" p.s., p.s. A Read Beyond the Ordinar-E (below me) totally rox!

That's gonna be my new sidekick costume

Complete with weapon.

A Read Beyond the Ordinar-E

Hey, Punkin'

The villagers came from all around to see the mysterious face that appeared on the pumpkin in Farmer Dan's patch. Some thought it was a miracle, others thought it meant the End of Days.

From Lawrie

My Photoshop skills are poor at best, and I think I could really use some training. Anyway - here's my terrifying head-based wallpaper. Sorry, I didn't mean to make you look bald. Cheers. Lawrie.


"Deke shall prevail........." Mordy Golding