My Head Is Huge

No, no, it's not how it sounds. I'm really quite modest and unassuming. See, here's the thing: My head is literally huge.

If by any chance you decide to visit Amazon to check out my Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One book, please be advised that the moment you scroll down the page, you'll be accosted by a gigantic picture of my face.

Which is unfair, because it's unexpectedly whopperian. By which I mean hippopotamuginormus. Or, if you prefer, leviathanomonstrobrobdingnagian.

So as a special mid-week enterprise, I'd like to invite every last one of you to take this wonderful (but inexplicably Jupiterium) photo of my (disturbingly Gredelian) face from Kevin O'Connor and do both of the following:

  • Turn it into the best possible Big Brother/robot overloard/Wizard of Oz image that ever was.
  • Figure out how to post it to this site, which involves your posting it elsewhere and linking to that image here with your HTML skills. Or, if that's driving you crazy, email us your amazing damn-Deke-your-head-is-like-some-amazing-elephantine-dirigible artwork to

I'm thinking, for every five people who enter, one wins. Those are like the biggest, most pie-faced, most yikes-your-head-is-like-some-kind-of-inflatable-waffle-of-the-gods odds that ever were. The prize? Obvious. My hot-off-the-oversized-presses Photoshop CS4 One-on-One book, which includes 4 supersized hours of video.

(But not signed. We haven't figured that one out yet.)

Good luck. Winners next week.

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I was totally inspired by Thomas who added Colleen to his wonderful composition. What was I thinking to leave Colleen out of the story? So here she is -- Colleen -- our savior who will rescue us from becoming Deke's army of lemmings.... Mordy Golding

My army of lemmings?

Are you talking about my enthusiastic and beloved dekeOnline visitors? Mordy is a witch! Attack, lemmings! Attack!!! Jump off the cliff onto Mordy and rip his flesh!!!

Silly Deke...

I am not human, don't you know that? Flesh? Come on -- that's a pixel thing. I just realized Deke -- it's a good thing your head is a smart object -- otherwise the huge head would have been all pixelated. Mordy Golding

Hi-Lite of My Graphics Career

That I could inspire the likes of Mordy..... most definitely the highlite of my graphics career. And I am (for once anywayz) totally serious.... I'm grinning enormously over this. Thnx for the appreciation! I appreciate the insight and depth you always provide in your Illustrator training, Mordy, and am eagerly anticipating closely dissecting the new courses you are developing. Yes, Photoshop is very sexy indeed but you have taught me how Illustrator is so very useful and powerful! Your Illustrator training gives a nice scope to understanding Obiwan Deke's 3 Illustrator courses. I was glad to read that you are recently exploring the wonders of Fireworks as well. Good luck with that.... vector and raster wonderment all at once.... shades of Open Doc! Thomas Thomas Benner The Art Institute of Austin

I'll save you Mordy

Right after I get back from the gym.



You've made him look so plump!

heheh. Dig it. :-D

Deke the Interrogator

"So, if you ever want to see the light of day again, tell us: What exactly do L, a and b stand for?"

it´s ok

well, this is my first post and no I doesn´t have an artwork to post here and I guess I won´t do it too since I am outside of US which are mostly not in the considerations... but just so to speak, your head is not big... atleast not as big as mine normally looks in photos (as I am asian which have bigger feature on face)

Contest entry

Given the smile, it's hard to see Deke as an evil overlord or robot... but Deke the Wise and Glorious is easier! The Wise and Glorious Deke

Your head's not huge...

the page is too small. I don't have any artwork to display yet, I just like to be the first to post, since we are both up at this hour. I'm still waiting for the Channels & Masks book, when I ordered it, it was for CS3 (is it possible to get it before CS5? Ha, ha, ha!) Thanks for giving me something new tonight.