My Videos Reach an Even Ten!

Hey gang, I write to you because, as of today, I have created precisely ten video series for the excellent folks at (Well, actually, it's eleven. But that's because one, my 18-movie series on Photoshop CS3 Public Beta back in December of 2007, never made it to DVD. But who's counting? Of that's right: me.) Traditionally, a tenth anniversary is rewarded with either tin or aluminum, so I guess I'm in store for some siding! Finally, my mobile home is complete!

Photoshop CS3 Lab box art

Anyhoo, the lucky tenth video is Photoshop CS3 Mastering Lab Color, which is all about the wonderful ways you can correct photographs in Photoshop's most mysterious color space, L*a*b*, or just plain Lab. It really is powerful, and I think you'll be amazed and empowered by what you can do with it.

For more information about this and other videos from me and, go to the dekeVideo page.

Did I mention I've now earned eight (8!) industry awards with It's amazing. It took me ten years to earn eight awards for my books. I mean, these video people, they give out awards like candy. And I, by all accounts, am their tart.

I should post a picture of one of these awards. Some of them are made of shiny silver ladies. Ooh, they're so pretty. 




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Hi Deke,

You certainly deserve all the awards.. would have given you one myself... if I could. A real pleasure to know you.


Congratulations, Deke.

Time to rest on your video laurels. I say you celebrate by...working on books!