On Cocktails, Contests, and Community

Hello, my funny dekeIntines. Welcome to the February edition of the dekeOnline newsletter, a personal missive to you, treasured 1/6819th of our special community. Yes, I'm talking to You. Can't you feel me behind the sunglasses staring beams of love and appreciation straight into your soul?

Speaking of cocktails (see the title), this month brought the launch of our new audio-only podcast, Martini Hour, in which Deke and I sip beverages and discuss important issues in digital imaging and anything else that strikes our fancy. Joining us in the dekeLounge is our bandleader Buddy "budz" Saleman and the Pimm's Quartet, who provide the cool-groove accompaniment to our lively conversation. We've even got a hotline you can call with your questions: 1-888-dekepod. If you sound groovy, you ask an intriguing question, and Deke knows the answer, we'll play you on the air in an upcoming episode.

Which brings me to the contest. We know that despite providing an audio-only podcast, our listeners are wildly creative visual types who can't help but fill in the video portion inside their very own heads. We'd like you to let those visions out. So our challenge to you is to create an image that represents your vision of Martini Hour. We'll run our favorites in the weekly blog posts that give the episode rundown (where we are currently just providing differently colored versions of Deke's Martini Hour graphic). The winner will receive a dekePod t-shirt, a book of choice from the One-on-One series, and whatever else I can come up with. Oh, and the love and adoration of the hosts! Send your entries to quiz@deke.com or post them to our new Flickr group (see below).

Which brings me to community. By way of fodder for your creative pursuits, we've posted some source imagery (i.e., pictures of me and Deke that we like) to our new Flickr group. (Thanks for the suggestion, Petra; sorry it took so long!) You're also welcome to post your stuff there for both the contest and the general enjoyment of the community.

And now to inspire your creativity, another one of my wonderful and carefully crafted drawings: a photo-realistic sketch of Martini Hour as it appears when we record it.

And no worries, dekePod will return very soon with new episodes. (In fact, that first image is a still frame from the upcoming music video, "The Droplet Song," which will go live in mid-March.) Kick back and enjoy.

To rose-lipt maidens and light-foot lads,
Trusty Sidekick, deke.com

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On Windows...

...that's Ctrl+Shift+Alt+O. I assume that translates to "Command+Opt+Shift+O" on a Mac. It is possible that it's omitted from the list of menu items. Just try a shortcut, it should still work (if it translates to Mac the way most shortcuts do). Or scroll through the menu edit list (Opt+Shift+Cmd+M) and turn it on so it's back under the File menu. I remember "Open As" from the past, so it's not a CS4 thing. Cheers! __________________________________________________ Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?

That Works on a Mac Ivan

Just tested it and it does indeed work on a Mac. Thomas Thomas Benner The Art Institute of Austin

hmmmm ....

Hello Thomas, Are you using CS3 or CS4 ? I must be doing doing the steps wrong .... agghhh !


I used the "Open as Smart Object" command under the File menu. I think this solution from Ivan is the best I've seen yet. Since you seem to be familiar with Flash, I will again encourage you to take a day and learn FireWorks (developed by the same people who brought you Flash) and you will discover animated GIF nirvana :•). FireWorks does both raster and vector (like both Photoshop and Illustrator) in the same document, actually quite fun, useful and incredibly easy to use. Warning: you might get hooked on it as it is quite addicting. In my Texas WorkSource classes, students learn it after a month in Photoshop and Illustrator and often marvel at its ease of use and power. I recommend Abigail Rudner's two classes (Fireworks 8, Studio 8) on Lynda.com for quickly learning FireWorks CS4. She has a good handle on the practical aspects of using the program. cheers, Thomas Thomas Benner The Art Institute of Austin

I'll try it

Ok, for sure I'll go watch the Abigail Rudner tutorials on lynda.com on Fireworks. I saw a few demonstrations of Fireworks at a recent Adobe seminar and it seems interesting. I'll check it out.

Good For You

When you do try it and need any help, email me at: tbenner@aii.edu I will provide you with a list of more free or very inexpensive resources for learning FireWorks. converting 'em 1 at a time :•) Thomas Thomas Benner The Art Institute of Austin

Thanks so much

Thanks Thomas and everyone !! for all your help. I'll definitely check out Fireworks, whilst I am still trying to grasp Flash AS3, After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator, Drupal, CSS, and today someone suggested Painter ... and the list keeps growing. Sometimes I feel like I'm continuously swimming upstream in rapids or against a rip tide :-) The learning curve seems never ending, ... and tomorrow I'm attending a Protools seminar .... I just keep treading water, and by the time I grasp a concept and begin to celebrate, it suddenly becomes obsolete, ie: remember AS2 ?

Okay, that's just freaky

iVan/flyboy posts his obscure (even by my standards) secret handshake on animated GIFs one day, and then the very next day, brand-new-member galefraney has a question about that very same topic! I'm geeking out, I tell you. You people -- what am I going to do with you people? C'mon, group hug. Gale, thanks for the kind comments and love your stuff! Enter the contest: make us a mysterious children's book Martini Hour image. I bet it'd be terrific!

I'm just psychic...

...and that's all there is to it. As a matter of fact, once I almost got a girlfriend, but I left her before we met. -iVan __________________________________________________ Anyone who believe in psychokinesis, please raise my hand.

You're welcome!

I have something floating around in my mind at this very moment. Oh, wait. It was just a bit of lint... :-P

What's the deadline?

That's it. Got nothing else to ask. Ran out of words, I did... -iVan

There isn't one

The contest is never ending. It will never end. You, I, Colleen, and everyone everywhere will be gone, and yet this contest will continue. Colleen has a team of scientists working on Martini Hour androids to serve as judges. So hurry and get your entries in!

Okay, now CW says there is a deadline

Okay, so now I'm replying to myself. Great. March 20, she says. I defer. It's her half-baked contest! (I'm just sittin' back enjoying the fruits of her labors. Sa-weet.)

***UPDATE: Where to send contest images***

That's what I get for sending out the newsletter in the wee hours. Please send your contest entries to quiz@deke.com. Thanks Steve Newton for figuring that out on your own before I even wake up over here. cw

Martini Hour Contest

Hi Colleen. Don't know how to send the image in this message, so I will send direct to you on your email. Many thanks Steve