Over the Rainbow

Photoshop Challenge

A combination of several techniques (+ others) where I started with several images of Haleakala Crater in Maui and then converted them into a panorama, added a rainbow, and finally added snow on the ground and falling in the air. 

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Great techniques! Awesome Video.

Great job. I love techniques like this that are totally non-destructive. The sound and video quality was really good too!

Very Good

Your "broadcaster's" voice certainly doesn't hurt -- the audio was excellent -- the actual content, and the recording. The tutorial was clear and concise, and I was able to follow it quite easily -- overall, great job!

Great tut

Well done! You wasted no time, but everything was clearly explained. Love the snow effect, too.


Thanks for your comments... the snow was inspired by a friend who was snowed in there for a couple of days while hiking. Hard to imagine in Hawaii!

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for your positive comments!

I've been very fortunate to learn Photoshop from some of the best, in person, in print, and online, and really enjoy sharing what I've learned from them. Credit goes to those masters.