Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Errata Update: Missing Files

Hey all. We found out this week that there is a flaw on the DVD that contains the practice files for Photoshop CS4 One-on-One. (Thanks for letting us know, leachr and RobertJ!) On page 23 of the book, step 2, you are instructed to open the Balloon Thief folder.

Unfortunately, the folder's contents did not reproduce correctly on the DVD. (How's that for passive, non-accusatory language that doesn't place any blame?) Please download the zipped file you'll find here and use it to replace the existing subfolder in the Lesson 1 folder you got from the DVD. Your pilfered files will be restored, unlike poor Sammy's balloon.

By the way, a complete list of errata (that's error, versus erotic) is always available on the O'Reilly catalog page for any book (this one should show up there in a day or two). And if you find an error that's not listed, you can add it to the list there and receive our gratitude and apologies at the same time.

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one

Just received my new Ps CS4 book one hour ago! Everyone love's you so much Deke....Raves on every side!! I don't know who is or... Your MOTHER & FATHER! Having said that, I need your help. I can't install Best WorkflowCS4csf, because a Ps pop-up keeps telling me that "Photoshop doesn't recognize this type of file. I know it does, or you would not have it in the book! I use Mac 10.5.5. Thank you in advance for forthcoming wisdom. Billie Cosby

Best Workflow CS4

Hey Billie, The color settings file goes here: You can Command-click on the title bar to confirm.

Bird's Eye Zoom

I downloaded a trial version of CS4 prior to my receiving a purchased one with Serial Numbers ! I also sprang for your excellent one-o-one book and have been religiously following the instructions-but I guess I chose the wrong religion because one of the tasty shortcuts was for 'Bird's Eye' zoom. I cannot get this to work. I have an NVIDIA card ,GEforce 7600 G7 which has been properly set up per the info on Adobe's site and is approved by Adobe. Opening edit and preferences and general,I see no option for this facility. I wonder if the trial version has some shortcomings. It is Version 11..Am I missing some other preferences set up menu or should I just wait for my 'registered' version ? Thanks

CS4's bird's eye

Sorry for the delay in responding. We had this book that was kicking our keisters. But we ultimately kicked it back and thus we return, only slightly disheveled. Just to clarify, bird's eye is actually a panning feature. I can't find any way to turn the feature off. Are you certain you're doing it properly? (There's some wrong info out there.) In the interest of science, here's how it works:
  • Zoom way in. You should only see a fragment of your image.
  • Press and hold the H key. No spacebar stuff. H. Keep it down.
  • Click and hold. Bird's eye.
  • Drag where you wanna be.
  • Release H. Release the mouse button.
  • Did that Help? Or Hurt?

    Bird's Eye Zoom

    I thought that my video board might be too old or incompetent, so I bought a new EVGA GeFOrce 9800 GT with 512 MB memory. The Bird's Eye sort of works,but when it goes back to the un-zoomed image,instead of a small selection rectangle,there is a huge selection rectangle. If I start with a more zoomed initial image,the rectangle gets smaller burt still too large. Trust a beginner to get weird results-must be my English upbringing. Thanks Panoral

    Graphic card

    Deke, he has problem with GPU not the feature itself. He can't get the OpenGL options to work. So any ultimate panning rotating etc are disabled by default. (this might never be your case because you have always top of the latest technology - running vista on 17" Macbook Pro and similar


    I"m sure you meant GT not G7 right? I have XP so here is what I have to say under XP. I wonder what MB size you have on the Nvidia,7600 GT. If 256 and above it should work. What is your configuration. Do you have installed 4 GB ram on XP machine. It plays also role. Since XP can allocate max 4 GB ram per all devices connected. So if you have 512 card and 4 GB ram usually XP sees only 3.2 GB if you have PAE selected in boot up file. Check PS and If you card is listed and shown under GPU settings and you can check Enable OpenGL Drawing you can use it if not then you can't. Solution 1} Get the latest drivers. I have on one machine 6600 GT with 256 MB and it works purely but works. 7600 is newer but not necessarily better, it had lot of issues with dual display. I actually burned one week ago in my Sony machine. 2) Try this. Get latest drivers from Nvidia., install it restart it and see if its there. If not then uninstall the all nvidia drivers drivers including ntune using drivercleaner (free web appl) and install the latest driver again run ps and see. 3) If this doesn't work repeat the step above and uninstall ps and and install ps back. There might be some issues if you had cs3 installed before. Clean temp files. If you using Vista ask someone who knows here. I have XP. If you have MAC good luck. If you have XP and none of this works get new card They are less than $80 and it is going to work. Don't expect miracles. To my knowledge PS trial is same as PS standard. I'm not sure if Extended plays any different from the regular mode but this should work same under XP SP3. Also make sure your card is not overclocked and in control panel of the Nvidia all controls are set by application.

    Birds Eye Zoom in CS4

    Thanks,Archee,for your input. I do have sufficient memory in the system and display board. I have followed your suggestions-including 'Driver Cleaner'-now not free !I have installed the latest Nvidia drivers and they are recognized by the CS4 program and open GL is OK'ed. Still does not work. The image shrinks quickly followed by a large selection rectangle which lasts for about 50 ms. I shall now wait for my Registered program before tryiing anything else.


    I'm sorry to hear that. I saw similar problem with someone's GT 7600 as well. They replaced the card. I really don't think that this is an issue of trial or reg version. Unless you had some 1st Stonehenge beta release.

    Another thought

    Would it be helpful for registered users of this site to have access to all sample files for my books? (The videos are another matter -- for now, I'm just talking about books.) If so, let me know and give me time to contemplate . . .

    Why not?

    Hi Deke well why not? I'm not sure if you you are publishing this sites in any of your books. (you should) but in case of any incorrectly burned dvd's they can get all together, in the same time if some yahoo is going pdf your book, that's the only protection you have. It's up to you

    Safari Online problems

    Hi Deke, After recovering from the shock of upgrading from PhotoShop CS2 to CS4 I went hunting for something to ease me into it. I found your book on Safari Online and immediately kicked out my old CS2 books to make space for the two slots that your book required. My disappointment were even bigger than my excitement to find that none of the DVD contents are available on Safari. No Video and no images. I always thought that the Safari platform provides the necessary protection for publishers so that their content does not end up in general distribution. The Safari Support team quoted me the following gem "Safari strives to make sure that the publishers include the sample images/pages/chapters/CD ROM contents." This is particularly cute as both Safari and your book is published by O'Reilly. I use Safari almost exclusively for technical books as it is one less book to lug along when I travel.

    Thanks for the heads up

    Honestly, I am frankly a little mystified by the inner workings of Safari, but from what I understand, my books don't fit very well in the Safari mold. Nonetheless, I would like to do everything in my power to make sure that your user experience is as seamless as it can be. I know there is some issue with getting the videos up. And that may take some time to resolve. Re: the images -- you mean the sample files that you open at the outset of each exercise? Those should be readily available. I'm guessing their omission is an oversight. At the moment, I'm not your best go-to guy on getting this resolved. So do me a favor and email Steve Weiss: He's an excellent guy, and I know if he gets your message, he'll sink his teeth into getting the problem resolved.

    i was lucky enough to get

    i was lucky enough to get the last copy of cs4 one on one that was left in the shop! :) Shame i will have to wait till 25th Dec before i can see if i have the affected issue :p Other good bit of luck i had was getting my wacom tablet working on linux, so now i have a choice of what os and app to use :)

    unable to open lesson

    I could not get the escape.psd file for lesson 9 to open either. Great book.


    I just tested it on both platforms (Win Vista and Mac) and had no problems. Can you give me more specifics? Platform? Error message? I'm happy to post a version of the file here on the site, but I want to make sure it's going to work for you.

    I have a Mac - Leopard. I

    I have a Mac - Leopard. I get the message that the layered photo was not saved with a composite image. Other than the balloon photo, everything has worked flawlessly. I'm totally amazed and thank you. It was great to have your book as soon as I got my CS4.

    It's true there is no composite image

    But that won't prevent Photoshop from opening the file. Photoshop don't need no stinkin' composite. Layers are Photoshop's very own babies. It sounds like you're trying to double-click on the file at the Finder level or in the Bridge and it's being handed off to another application, which might very well complain. Try opening the image from inside Photoshop's with the File > Open command. Assuming that works, we can trouble-shoot the other.

    thanks, that works just fine

    thanks, that works just fine opening it from photoshop.

    Turning off default layer masks in CS4?

    Can it be done? You know when you create an adjustment layer and in the older versions you were able to turn off the option for creating a layer mask automatically with the adjustment layer? Well, I can't seem to do this in CS4. I can turn off an option to have default layer masks with fill layers, but I can't see where to turn them off with adjustment layers. I've looked in the layers palette options and in the preferences dialogues, but I can't see it. I don't want layer masks automatically loaded! Where did the option go? :-/

    I'm so all over this one

    Cuz we've been over it internally about 27 times. First, make sure you do not have an adjustment layer active. Then go to the Adjustments palette. Click on that indecipherable icon in the top-right corner that brings up the flyout menu. Then choose Add Mask by Default to turn it the hell off.

    Deke McClelland, you are a star!

    Thank you so, so, sooooo much! *worships once again at your altar* Please give Adobe hell for that one - on behalf of us all. Cheers!

    I inspired the 100 photoshop

    I inspired the 100 photoshop tips and tricks in 5 minutes

    You did?

    Who are you?

    This is good one

    Any answer on this miraculous person. I guess they want to say they are inspired by Who knows. We foreigners think in different dimensions.

    Is your Photoshop CS4 book available in pdf?

    It looks like a great book and what I need to learn how to use Photoshop CS4, I am physically unable to hold big books.

    Shortcut glitch

    I just got phone call from my buddy saying he has Shortcut glitch with the default shortcut set. He is asking if you got the same. XP users only. Mine is fine. Here is the issue. "Hey man, I got problem. once I open PCS4 and open several pics in lets say 1-3 mins, they are tabbed to main window where I see the name, bit a color mode.. I can click on each of them an it's going to pop up the way it should However once I click Ctr+~ (tilda) key on the right under Escape on US keyboard, it should toggle pics and bring them up if you press Shift with the combination it should toggle them back. Well it does and it doesn't. Sometimes. I restart the PS and it's same. How about u? Can u check with Deke peeps? " So PEEPS, can you check if you can toggle open photos. he told me also that he has set the regular everything to default maximized, essential workspace and consolidate view.


    I just realized that he is probably pressing wrong keys. I actually didn't realize what he is asking me to do. He should press Ctrl+Tab and with shift press to go back. I called him and he said that is advertising this on tilda PSCS4 Essential Training tabbed video. So it's LDC creating the havoc or maybe Adobe? So guys whatever it is, It's solved.

    agree w/deke

    Yep, no better way to learn than to teach. Kicks it up a notch when you have to figure stuff out so you can prep a lesson plan or write a book. keith


    Deke, the question about the 32 bit preview was about PSCS4 not Painter. I'm still trying to find out where this preview menu came from. Also, about the sky red road, this was very short video about new features in PSCS4 on LDC so I guess you were brief but I'm waiting for those hours and hours of videos on November 25th. Can't wait for it actually.