Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Errata Update: Missing Files

Hey all. We found out this week that there is a flaw on the DVD that contains the practice files for Photoshop CS4 One-on-One. (Thanks for letting us know, leachr and RobertJ!) On page 23 of the book, step 2, you are instructed to open the Balloon Thief folder.

Unfortunately, the folder's contents did not reproduce correctly on the DVD. (How's that for passive, non-accusatory language that doesn't place any blame?) Please download the zipped file you'll find here and use it to replace the existing subfolder in the Lesson 1 folder you got from the DVD. Your pilfered files will be restored, unlike poor Sammy's balloon.

By the way, a complete list of errata (that's error, versus erotic) is always available on the O'Reilly catalog page for any book (this one should show up there in a day or two). And if you find an error that's not listed, you can add it to the list there and receive our gratitude and apologies at the same time.

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Balloon Theivery

Blow my socks off! That was quick work and a rapid response Deke. You just won a new fan. Great book too. I picked it up in my local bookshop and coudn't put it down. Must go as I have balloon theivery to attend to.

Cool Kid Photos

Deke, Nice kids photo. I wondered if they were Deke2 and Deke3. Very cute. If you think they can be trouble at that age, just wait until you teach them to drive a car. Yikes, talk about scary. It will be just around the corner for you. Robert,

Question on workflow

I'm not sure where actually to post this question but I guess CS3 or CS4; it doesn't really matter. I have a question to what kind of workflow the Deke Master uses. More in detail.... so you shoot in RAW and keep all those images? I'm faced with a dilemma and shrinking disk space on my computer. I shoot in Raw, go through my images, delete the ones I don't think I need to keep or a "bad" then rename them and put them in their permanent folder. Once I narrowed all my good images down (I have to go over them several times to now keep all the images) I process them in Raw and usually also in PS3. So now I have a jpg or psd (if the file was hard to work with and has layers I like to keep) but also still have the CR2 file. Do I need to keep it? I mean... its' a raw file for crying out loud and doesn't loose any info no matter what I do to it.... and what about the Adobe dng convert.. do I need it? At this point I usually have images that have been processes and uploaded to the web on my PC in raw format as well as jpg and I'm not if I need to keep them as such. I like to know how the Deke and other tackle this problem. Any suggestion? So many images… so little space….. Thanks Angie


Of course Deke will answer by himself but from his videos he mentioned that DNG format is the best. He converts the into DNG from Raw to keep the properties for archival purposes. In LT and Bridge Camera Raw. I usually keep all images in 4 formats RAW, DNG, camera JPG and resized camera JPG. The reason for last two is simple. Quicker previews. I make about 20-30K pics every year then I zipped them and put on 3 HDD for archival purposes. Once the funds allows and time I will burn this on two double sided BD disc.

I swear, this is karma

I don't know whose fault it was that the images fell off the DVD. My burn folder has them intact. But it's unknown whether something went wrong with the mastering on my end or at the duplication house. That said, I remember thinking when I was working on the book, "Can I really in good conscience keeps these pics of my boys from six years ago?" But I let them slide b/c, well, one has to pick and choose, doesn't one? And there was so very much to change. So as I say, karma. Karma bit me in the kaboose. This is what they look like now, btw:


Looks like you're raising a couple of fine young men there, Deke. They're gorgeous! :-)

CS4 Channels and Masks

Deke, Is the new book going to be covering the same depth as PSCS3CM Essentials and Advanced? I learned a tonwatching those, but I would love to have a "manual" to this for a refresher. Can't wait! BTW any new ETA???? Tim

Yes, same basic content

Of course, a book forces you to take a more methodical, studied approach. So don't be surprised if your understanding doesn't grow that much more. Mine did. (I know, I'm supposed to know everything already. But there's nothing like teaching a subject to learn what you don't know.) I'm supposed to turn in the finished book December 3. And there is only one way that will happen. If you spend every waking minute on your knees praying for me. God, Zeus, Odin, Kanipinikassikueu, I don't care. Just pray. And sacrifice things. Please, lots of sacrifice! Seriously, it's going to be a squeaker, but we're optimistic. When I get closer, I'll post a page or two. It's looking really truly beautiful. If I do say myself (which I believe I just did).


Well hey, your a super busy guy that makes these publishers a lot of money. Not only that your have countless cult members at your disposal. I'm sure they can give you a grunting extension. Can't wait! Pre-order time! Tim

Adobe TV

I just saw your complete tutorial on One thing that makes me kind of wonder is from you tutorial on APSCS4 new features. You are showing drag and drop with shift key to register. It's the road with the red sky. I'm not sure if you prepared the the road picture where you use some gradient tool and mask some portion of the image to get result what you did. You drag and drop and immediately the sky blended with the foreground. Then you add the moon and inverted it to add some creepy mood. Well I was looking in CS4 if there is any new feature that would allow you actually blend 2 pictures without any preparation together. This was possible with photomerge and other tools before but this was not good and you seem didn't use this. You didn't have even any layer active, maybe your selection on the road picture was feathered all the way to 100 points. Than you just dropped it. IDK Can you explain this? And here is one more. I was working on some pics in ps for painter work (my dog) and with my pen I accidentally hovered over some menu where it show something like preview picture in 32 bit. Hmmm. I wanted to find that menu. I don't know what I did but if you know what I'm talking about I would like to know what I've seen. I played with B&W presets and it was somewhere with layer and channel panels. I don't know drives me nuts if I don't know.

Yes, I prepared the two images

They're both the same size, in pixel dimensions. Otherwise, yes, the road was feathered. I thought I had explained that pretty explicitly, but perhaps it went by a little too fast. (Sluggishly by dekePod standards, I would think. :-) Not sure about Painter, I'm afraid. Haven't used that app in years.

Thanks for the update

I love the picture of both boys. One having pleasure while the other is crying. Good one.

Lightroom or Camera Raw??

Hi Deke, my question to you (and others who use Lightroom) is whether it is really worth getting Lightroom. I am an amateur photographer and use ACR for my non-destructive edits, then go into Photoshop and do whatever else needs to be done. The NAPP guys rave about Lightroom, and I'm sure it's great - kind of a turbocharged Bridge/ACR, but is it really worth spending the money and learning a new program? Is there anything really significant that can be done in Lightroom but not in ACR or Photoshop? I'm not sure my brain can handle one more image editing program. Thanks. DP