"Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects" Is Complete

Update: As of November 6, "Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects" is now available at lynda.com. Members of the lynda.com Online Training Library can check out this link, Photoshop CS4: Smart Objects, for the entire course.

Well friends, more than 1900 of you have voted on my fate. And even tho "Photoshop CS4 for Bio-Medical Imaging Geeks" recently surged to 5 percent (95 votes is none too shabby!), the masses have spoken. "Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects" continues to be the dominant leader.

So I'm hoping the masses will be happy to learn that I have finished filming all 80+ screen-capture movies for this series, ending with the project file shown below. (That's just a detail, of course.) The effect is a combination of nine smart filters--Median, High Pass, and Shadows/Highlights; nested inside Variations and Mezzotint; capped by Find Edges and Emboss; with a measure of Poster Edges and Graphic Pen wrapped up inside the Filter Gallery--all set to different blend modes subject to the whims of two filter masks, a layer mask, and an adjustment layer. In other words, utter simplicity itself.

Nine-filter army

Thanks to Felix Mizioznikov of image vendor Fotolia for the source photo. (For those of you sick of me using lovely lady pictures all the time, here's a beautiful boy one.)

It takes a while to edit my ramblings, so expect this series to show up on the vast lynda.com Online Training Library in six to eight weeks. In the meantime, here's a list of the chapters:

  1. How Smart Objects Work
  2. Camera Raw and Illustrator Objects
  3. Working with True Clones
  4. Exploiting Nested Smart Objects
  5. Applying Smart Filters
  6. Non-Filters and Filter Masks

The shortest chapter contains 10 movies, the longest 20. The final piece will be a bit more than 8 hours long. It's all pretty intense, but as these things go, I'm feeling like I only scratched the surface. Not a single bio-medical imaging application, for example. Alas, smart objects are so damn powerful.

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C Bates

Is the only way to learn about smart objects through your Lynda.com tutorial?

Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects

Is their going to have a DVD on Smart Objects
Thank You
Charles A Brault

Smart Objects Available at Lynda.com

It arrived earlier than anticipated.


Smart Objects CS4 Mastery

I am anxiously awaiting the Smart Objects series too, but I did not overlook what you already have available at Lynda.com:

Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Mastery

26. Using Smart Objects

27. Nondestructive Smart Filters

I'm just finishing watching (studying) the series and it seems to be all encompassing already.
It's hard to imagine what can be added to the two chapters.

I recommend these chapters on Smart Objects as a primer/prerequisite to your upcoming new series.

Hey, Deke! I hope you get to

Hey, Deke!

I hope you get to do the Blend Modes series next!

I know how many people think math is boring :), but I personally find it extremely hard to understand and apply blend modes without knowing the underlying math... I mean, it's kinda hard to use something if you don't know what it is.

So pleeeeease include as much math into this series as you can!!! :)


This is the first time I browse your site and I find it really interesting and informative. I think I will learn a lot here. Thanks and keep it up!

I love ya Deke, and I have

I love ya Deke, and I have no doubt that whatever project you pursue will be awesome, but is the blend modes series that you're proposing different enough from Michael Ninness's Blend Mode Magic series? Personally, just by virtue of taking a version-independent stance and promising not to shy away from the math, the series sounds like a wet dream, but I feel like the powers that be will ask the same question. Looking forward to the Smart Objects series. Keep up the awesome.

Somehow I missed the reply,

Somehow I missed the reply, if there was one, to my question. I have just purchased Adobe Photoshop CS2 one-on-one that comes with a total training dvd. In order to follow along, you need to install the lessons but they won't download. I get CopyFileorFolder: Invalid source pathname. Have tried to save the file to many locations with the same result. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot for the

Thanks a lot for the interesting information about how "Photoshop CS4 Smart Objects" is Complete!


Thanks Deke , I got the One-On-One series one week ago and I'm learning much much more than ever. Keep up the good work man. I'll wait for this edition to come .

Bring it!

As much as I'm learning with those Photoshop CS4 One on One series, I'm always amazed as how little I know.... it's quite frustrating! Darn you Deke... you are teaching us so much and so little at the same time.... Still a fan though... still a fan!


6 to 8 weeks is too long to wait! Haha. Looking forward to it though man!