Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Advanced

Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Advanced, the second part of the popular and comprehensive series, updated for CS5, follows internationally renowned Photoshop guru Deke McClelland as he dives into the workings of Photoshop. He explores such digital-age wonders as the Levels and Curves commands, edge-detection filters, advanced compositing techniques, vector-based text, the Liquify filter, and Camera Raw. Deke also teaches tried-and-true methods for sharpening details, smoothing over wrinkles and imperfections, and enhancing colors without harming the original image. Follow along with Deke with the exercise files.

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Product Details:

List price: $149.95USD
Duration: 11.5 hours on 2DVDs
ISBN 13:1-59671-664-9

Table of Contents:


Chapter 13: What Photoshop Can Do, Pt. 2: The Eyes

Chapter 14: Levels and Curves

Chapter 15: Sharpening Details

Chapter 16: Noise and Texture

Chapter 17: Shadows, Highlights, and Contours

Chapter 18: Black & White and Colorize

Chapter 19: Color Range and Refine Edge

Chapter 20: Text and Shape Layers

Chapter 21: Layer Effects and Styles

Chapter 22: Transform, Distort, and Warp

Chapter 23: Puppet and Liquify

Chapter 24: Adobe Camera Raw


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If some one has it then

If some one has it then please give me the reviews of it.

Photoshop CS5

Can somewho who has one please tell me about what they're like, and how reliable they are etc.