Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals

Photoshop is the world’s most powerful image editor, and it’s arguably the most complex, as well. Fortunately, nobody knows the program like award-winning book and video author Deke McClelland. In the all new Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals, you can join Deke as he explores such indispensable Photoshop features as resolution, cropping, color correction, retouching, and layers. Gain expertise with real-world projects that make sense. Work alongside Deke with files accompany the course.

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Product Details:

List price: $149.95USD
Duration: 17.75 hours on 2DVDs
ISBN 13:1-59671-634-7

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: What Photoshop Can Do, Part 1: The Avatar

Chapter 2: Setting Up 'Shop

Chapter 3: Opening and Organizing

Chapter 4: Navigation

Chapter 5: Image Size and Resolution

Chapter 6: Cropping and Straightening

Chapter 7: Basic Color Correction

Chapter 8: Making Selections

Chapter 9: Retouching and Healing

Chapter 10: Layer Essentials

Chapter 11: Printing, PDF, and Web Gallery

Chapter 12: Saving Images for the Web



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Thanks for your reply, after posting comments I also looked around the web and found the same reason which you gave above on adobe's site.
Yes I have the DVD gifted to me by a cousin.
I was wondering that if it would make any difference if decide to follow you step by step?
Thanks again,

Problem in setting up my workspace

This may seem little odd, but i can not find any pallet named character Styles in "window" drop down menu, which is mention in Chapter 02 and Video05 ant time: 05:06 minutes. Can some body help me please? Or if possible just send me the edited(configured) workspace file.
Thanks in advance,

Are you looking at the DVD?

Adobe dropped the two Styles panels late in the beta cycle. They are not part of the shipping version of Photoshop CS5. I corrected the video in the online version of the series. So I'm wondering if you have the DVD.

Thanks for help.

Thanks for your your help. By mistake i have posted a new comment instead of replying, you can read it if you wish, in short yes I have the DVD