Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Mastery

In the all-new Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Mastery, the third and final installment of the popular series, join industry expert and award-winning author Deke McClelland for an in-depth tour of the most powerful and empowering features of Photoshop CS5. Discover the vast possibilities of traditional tools, such as masking and blend modes, and then delve into Smart Objects, Photomerge, as well as the new Puppet Warp, Mixer Brush, and HDR features. Exercise files accompany the course.

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Table of Contents:


Chapter 25: What Photoshop Can Do, Pt. 3: The Face Paint

Chapter 26: Masking Essentials

Chapter 27: Everything About the Pen Tool

Chapter 28: Blend Modes Revealed

Chapter 29: The Power of Smart Objects

Chapter 30: Nondestructive Smart Filters

Chapter 31: The Bristle and Mixer Brushes

Chapter 32: Auto-Align, Auto-Blend, and Photomerge

Chapter 33: High Dynamic Range (HDR Pro)

Chapter 34: Actions and Batch Processing


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Good Post

I have gone through with the free sample and one on one Photoshops, you have made the concept so clear and understandable.

Where have you been all my

Where have you been all my life. LOL. Your book will help people in improving the quality of web designing and they would provide great web designing services. Thanks

Confusion over grey painting high pass filter.

Hi Deke,

First let me thank you for the excellent videos that you are posting. I am learning a lot, and thank to you for teaching me Photoshop.

I have a quick question:
Kindly refer to chapter 16 "Nose and Texture" in Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Mastery
Video # 10 "Masking a layer of lens blurr" .... around 6 min 40 sec of this video you mention why on earth masking on lens blurr layer got nullified when you turn on high pass filter. And then you go ahead with the next video (#11) to "Painting Away High Pass Sharpening".

Well, dumb head says this. The reason you nullified the effect of masking is because your high pass layer sits on top of the lens blurr layer. My question is why. I tried pulling the lens blurr layer on top of high pass layer and everything looks fine. Why did you went ahead to "grey paint" high pass layer to get rid of noise?

If you intent just to demonstrate another technique? Or is there a real reason?

-- Love painting with light

I am willing to learn

I am willing to learn Chapter 34. I have some problems in creating custom logo design with smart objects and brush mixers.

Thank You Deke!!!!!

Thank you so much Deke for all you Tutorials,

I have done your Photoshop One to One series and let me tell you, thanks to you even the most complicated things were easy, You are the best teacher in, i cant wait to start your Indesign series and Illustrator, please please please keep up with your amazing work, you're amazing.

I also have a question....... I noticed you have done a series on Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign...................will you also do one for the rest of the Adobe suite?... It would be amazing if you did a One to One in Flash, After Effects, Dreamweaver,.......

The best of your courses is that you make it entertained and by following each instruction which you describe so perfectly is easy to learn............and your sense of humor is awesome so it doesn't make the lessons boring at all.

Thank you so much for all the job you have done, you have changed many lives out least mine you did.

All the best for you and your family Deke


Mastering Photoshop can be

Mastering Photoshop can be as complex or as easy as you want it to be; that is what makes learning Photoshop so interesting. This program can be the eternal learning. Thanks for sharing the informative post.
Robert -

Tip for Wacom users

Hey Deke,

Been following your stuff for awhile and want to say that you are the best PS teacher I have come across. You make even the most complicated topics simple.

I'm in the middle of the Bristle brushes chapter and I came across the problem where PS would not recognize my stylus' tilt. You recommend shutting down PS, but I found that just minimizing to the task bar and then bringing PS back up works as well (at least on the Windows side). Tried it multiple times and it has never failed. Might want to give it a go and see if it works on your system too, and maybe include it in the CS6 video series.

Also, not sure if this is an area you would be interested in or not, but I would love to see a video series on comic book/graphic novel coloring. There are a few good books on the subject, but not much in the way of high quality recent video training on the subject. Just an idea, maybe pass it along to someone else at Lynda if it's not something for you?

Anyway, thanks again for the excellent training! Look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

Installing Deke Keys for Illustrator CS5 on Lion

Hi Deke

As the title says, do you know how to install the keyboard shortcuts for OS Lion 10.7? Searching secretagentx doesn't appear – I guess it's a hidden file.


EDIT: Turning on hidden files in OS 10.7 makes no difference. Still can't find the file.

Great read thank you for

Great read thank you for sharing ! Haben Sie vielen ,


I am also having problems with the dekekeys download. I keep getting an error message and can't even get into the O'rieley site. I'd already downloaded it on my old computer but that one crashed. Can you help me.

web designing toronto

Interesting read, thanks for helping keep me busy at work ;)
web designing toronto

thanks always have great vid tutorials. I was wondering where i can get more tutorials like from advanced photoshop magazines. is there any online even if it is an old copy? thanks

one-on-one book

Hi Deke,
Just signed up here after purchasing your book while attending a Photoshop seminar recently.
Was reading through the intro at home and logged on to the requested site to download the DekeKeys & workflow on my home computer. That was a success. However, I wanted to also do the same for my computer at work, but when I type the web address I get an error and "site not found" or "no longer".

It is because I already downloaded it elsewhere and it's only used on one computer? I need it for both, is that possible or am I missing something?

Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

I bought Deke's Photoshop CS5 one-on-one Advanced and Mastery DVDs. While the DVD contents are of course different, the printed Table of Contents in the Mastery DVD case, is identical to the one in the Advanced DVD case with the same Chapter numbers, though on the outside of the printed Table of Contents, one mentions 'Mastery' and the other mentions 'Advanced'.


Table of Contents misprint

Hi Joel:

If you'll send on your mailing address to, we'll make sure you get the right insert for your Mastery DVD.


Way Easier Seams tecnique, for photomerge

I found your seams tecnique in the photomerge section to be over complicated.

if instead of making 4 px outside strokes. Make 2 px inside strokes on all layers.
Then its as simple, as reducing the fill opacity to 0% -->
Then Cmd+Opt+Shift+E -->
Then clear layerstyle for all layers
and you are done. the fill opacity even resets to 100%.

The downside to the tecnique is that you can't go lower than 2px strokes or the seams will not be filled out completely. But it is WAY faster than yours.

Just a thought


Perfect blue sky - like a commercial photo!

Hey Deke I am a subscriber and Love your courses! While surfing across the web I sometimes finde pictures like this: Just perfect color and PERFECT blue sky? How do they do this? None of my shots look like this. Would be nice if you can make a course like this. Like a commercial shots or something like that!


Hi Deke

I really wondering why in the world you're neglecting such important topics/projects like "web design", "logo design", "twitter background design" and or "stationary design" in your precious adobe series? Hope you'll soon release something on that particular topic especially on "web design" stuff.



Is it really that precious?

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I'll get to those. (Tho please exercise patience! The list is long.)

yes precious enough, i guess

yes precious enough, i guess thats why you offered a red-carpet walk :)