Photoshop Top 40, Feature #1: Open and Save

Yesterday, Adobe officially announced its forthcoming parade of graphics applications, Creative Suite 5. One day later, I close my 9-month video countdown Photoshop Top 40 with Feature #1. Timing the end of my Top 40 to the beginning of CS5 seemed like an awful long shot back in July when I started this thing. But Adobe hit its dates, we hit ours, and the two came together as planned.

Just as CS5 and Photoshop Top 40 represent a kind of alpha and omega---one beginning, the other bidding farewell---Feature #1 embodies the alpha and omega of any image-editing cycle: Open and Save.

If Open and Save sound a tad bit anticlimactic, remember that these are no ordinary Open and Save commands. File > Open can parse any major image format created in any previous version of Photoshop or any other product without any loss of information. It can also convert the published vector formats to smoothly rendered, color-accurate pixels. Meanwhile, File > Save treats all image formats as native, to the best of each format's ability. That is, you can save layers and masks to any format that supports them, and paths and metadata even to those formats that don't.

When I told my producer that I planned to make Feature #1 Open and Save, he shook his head woefully and groaned. But if the record responses to the last The Final 10 Contest are any indication, you guys saw it coming. Hundreds of you guessed the right answer or something very close. Those of you who nailed it---who guessed Open and Save, in that order, and no other command---numbered 111!

Alas, I had to choose one and only one über-winner. And that is dcarr from North Reading, MA, who erred on the side of too much information with "File > Open and File > Save." Donna, you did it!

Thanks to for producing these videos, to Fotolia for providing the images, and to the many sponsors who provided prizes. And most of all, thanks to you.

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Top 40

Your presentations on the top 40 were excellent learning experience. The expertise and depth were outstanding. I continue to go over them and I find something I missed the first time. Thanks again for putting on such a great show.

Dick Morris

#1 answer

Wow I actually finally get the right answer for the most important 1 but didn't win. It was fun anyway following along the top 40 and guessing your toppers. Thanks again and until next time....

Yes.....Finally We Celebrate

Congratulation Did it!!! your top 40 epic was awesome.....


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