Photoshop Top 40, Feature #22: The Healing Brush

We all suffer blemishes that we wish we didn't. Pits, pock marks, pimples. Wrinkles, eye bags, crow's feet. Black heads, white heads, pustules, carbuncles. Moles, skin tags, full-on witch's warts. Edward James Olmos-style acne scars. Frido Kahlo-style female mustaches. Frido Kahlo-style unisex unibrows. And my personal favorite: big, hurky, festering, oozing cold sores. (No, I don't suffer those. Why would think such a thing? What a crazy leap of logic.)

Fortunately, our photographic portraits don't have to exhibit any of those imperfections. All thanks to Feature #22: Photoshop's healing brush. This amazing tool grafts good skin onto bad and heals the seams in between.

Check out the video for a complete demonstration, including some background information on how the healing brush works. All in the name of healing away a tragic scar on the face of a real, modern-day pirate. Warning: It's all very graphic, not for the squeamish.

The vicious, savage, just-as-soon-kill-ya-as-lookit-ya pirate comes from image vendor Fotolia. This image happens to be #763042 from photographer Simone van den Berg. Click this link for a special deal.

(For a list of all Photoshop Top 40 videos thus far, click here.)

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Wowzer....I didn't think much of the healing brush (I guess I was using a very soft brush?).....using a hard brush suddenly there is POTENTIAL !


What? Clone source palette? Awesome!
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Thanks Deke!

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Nice job Deke,
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Never knew about the clone source palette, awesome.
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