Photoshop Top 40: The Contest

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High res...

Just sad that the high res version doesnt do justice to the picture we see here....

Your background is so low res, it feels like a rushed job.

That being said... its one of my favorites!

to be honnest was a rushed job

I only managed to take1-2 hours to do it because I only got the idea around noon on the last day of the contest, I had to sneak the creation of it in between my other work tasks. (Shhhh don't tell my boss ;) )

You are right though the field could have been better. how's about this, if I win I'll remake it entirely with high res shots from fotolia :)


And if I win... Ill provide the pic so you can finish this great comp! :)

Have a great holiday pal!

you too man! ;)

you too man! ;)

photoshop top 40 contest #2

I used the following: Feature 35, Refine Edge Feature 24, Curves Feature 31, The Brush Tool Feature 21, The Gradient Tool Feature 20, Free Transform Trees (Click the image for high-res.)

photoshop top 40 - landscape

I used the following: Feature 33, Calculations Feature 36, Black & White Feature 28, Hue/Saturation Feature 26, Dodge and Burn The Landscape (Click the image for high-res.)

The Return

The Return For high-res, click here. Feature 33, Calculations
 Feature 31, The Brush Tool
 Feature 26, Dodge and Burn
 Feature 20, Free Transform Feature 19, Luminance Blending Feature 18, Smart Objects A magical tidal pool on Vancouver Island.

My submission

This is my submission for the contest,...hope I'm not too late.. Green Boyfriend (Click the image for high-res.) This was taken in Greece, this summer. He's my boyfriend and he always dreams about aliens so, I've decided to make him an alien, arrived with The Enterprice from far far away. The sky is completely replaced using a mask , I made him green and planted some galaxies, stars, the spaceship and fluffy clouds. The tools used are: Curves Healing brush Brush Tool Dodge and Burn ...and others


A rushing stream in the Blue Ridge Mountains Rushing Stream (Click the image for high-res.) Used Crop tool Levels Brush tool Save for web

Pebbles in a stream

Somewhere in the Smokey Mountains Pebbles in a Stream (Click the image for high-res.) Used Crop tool Brush tool Dodge and burn Hue saturation and many more

Pebbles in Stream

Love the color scheme and subtlety(?) of the image...

Pebbles in a stream

Thank you for your comment

You can see more of my work at my blog...

Elk pasture

On a snowy afternoon in Cataloochee North Carolina Elk Pasture (Click the image for high-res.) Used: Crop tool Brush tool Hue saturation and many more


The first of my entries for the contest Our cat rescued from Humane society......the sweetest cat in the universe Isabell (Click the image for high-res.) Used : Crop tool Brush tool Dodge and burn

nice kitty, kitty..... jaqui

nice kitty, kitty..... jaqui

Great stuff

I'm absolutly amazed from the stuff here shown.
This is/was a fun contest – I'm looking forward to the next one!

May the best win

Thanks deke for all you work on teaching us the tools we need for work.

Best regards from Austria

Chubb Lake after Dark

I'm the camp director for a Boy Scout camp during the summer. This year, our theme will be Sci-Fi. I wanted the cover of our 72-page leader guide, which we send out in February, to reflect the theme but be a little whimsical as well. Who visits after the lights are out in camp? The cover is made up of three images from photographer Bob Tong of the Marin Council, BSA, (photo of our lake and tree line at camp--this photo is very distinct for anyone that has been to camp before, so it's a recognizable feature of the cover), and two from Fotolia artists Iva Villi (UFO) and David Woods (Full Moon). Please see the second URL below for the original photos. I used Fill for the background, using the darkest part of the sky because the photos didn't span the entire height of the page, Curves to change the original Chubb Lake photo from day to night, Gradient Tool on a layer mask to mask out the upper part of the sky of the tree photo so the stars showed yet the horizon still glowed dimly, used Brush Tool to add splashes of light at the base of the light beams from the ship as well as to paint out part of the moon on a layer mask, and I am using Vector-Based Type. The layer sequence from bottom is fill layer, space ship and stars, Chubb Lake with trees and sky, then moon. All of it blends nicely with layer masks, adjustment layers, blend modes, and layer effects. I used Save for Web & Devices for Flickr. Chubb Lake (Click the image for high-res.) And the original photos, click here. Thanks for letting me enter and for all your great instruction and advice.

More Than Meets The Eye

I tried to create an image that tricks the viewer's eye. I wanted the viewer to wonder if what they were seeing was actually the image or their imagination. I used the following features: Feature 40, Reset and Purge Feature 37, The Fill Functions Feature 36, Black & White Feature 35, Refine Edge Feature 34, Save for Web Feature 32, The Pen Tool Feature 31, The Brush Tool Feature 30, Actions Feature 29, Liquefy Feature 27, The Crop Tool Feature 26, Dodge and Burn Feature 24, Curves Feature 20, Free Transform Feature 18, Smart Objects More Than Meets the Eye (Click the image for high-res.)

"My Dream"

Hello everyone! This is my humble entry. I have no idea what I was thinking about. For some of you it might least possibly occur that I was thinking about only one thing: the Prize! but I assure you that it was not the case :). Ok, ok it was, now you can kill me ;) The flow of my work was naturally revealing itself as I immersed myself in dreams... My Dream (Click the image for high-res.) The features I used: Feature 38, Vector-Based Type - a lot Feature 37, The Fill Functions - a lot Feature 35, Refine Edge - a lot Feature 34, Save for Web - once Feature 32, The Pen Tool - once or twice Feature 31, The Brush Tool - a lot Feature 28, Hue/Saturation - once Feature 27, The Crop Tool - once Feature 26, Dodge and Burn - a lot Feature 25, Selection Calculations - a lot Feature 23, Color Range - a lot Feature 21, The Gradient Tool - a lot Feature 20, Free Transform - a lot Feature 18, Smart Objects - a lot Ps. I am not fluent in English so please don't treat me like a retard if some of the sentences are not totally understandable.

Hmm, can't put my finger on it

But something about this submission appeals to me.

Must be the frog.


I will remain silent. Anything I write or do can and will be used against me ;)


You took my idea and went to the moon with it..... Nice job!

BTW, when I say "took", I dont mean steal my idea, but mostly "had the same" one :)

How to survive a winter snow

Hello Deke and all Deke fans! Here is my entry. I shot this model against a dark blue background showing off her winter coat. I thought she needed a little “snow storm” to be walking along in, so I made this composite image complete with new falling snow to give the full effect. Hope you like it! Winter Survival (Click the image for high-res.) Jim Feature 31, The Brush Tool Feature 30, Actions Feature 28, Hue/Saturation Feature 27, The Crop Tool Feature 26, Dodge and Burn Feature 22, The Healing Brush Feature 20, Free Transform Feature 18, Smart Objects

Entries from VJ for Deke's Top 40 Contest

Hi, I'm VJ (VeryJoyful) and am new to Deke's. Very glad to have found this site. I'm entirely self-taught in Photoshop and, while I use quite a few features, I do NOT know all the intricacies nor all the settings for each, i.e., just learned about Blend If from Deke -- LOVE it! Also just learned about Layer Comps -- also FAB!. I am having a ball watching all of the Top 40 videos and learning much, even on features I thought I knew. I hope it's okay to include several entries at once. Here're my entries posted in my blog on another site. They are several Layer Comps created from two basic images. One was a shot of the Sydney Opera House against a blank sky and another was a shot of the Sydney Skyline at night. Sydney Skyline (Click the image for high-res.) For the full story on the comp's development, click here. ---------------------------- -- VJ (VeryJoyful)


Final composition: Fright For high-res, click here. Original image "Uber fright" comes from JJRD of Smart objects Hue Saturation Brush Tool Gradient Tool Save for Web Image shows my face expression when I've discovered broken links on my previous entry:-)

I tracked your comment history, macg

And I'm not finding another submission either. Is it under a different name? Want to make sure all links are in order.

Everything seems to be fine

My other submission is working just fine since yersterday:
"Submitted by macg on 22 December 2009 - 4:38am."
Somewhere on page 2 (4 images, starting with "Why did you placed me on this background...?"
Links where broken after I added some text, looks like Colleen was my hero on this one...
Indeed I can't track it myself through my account, but it's visible in comments... strange but true

where is your other entry?

This is great dude, well done what is this other entry you speak of, would love to see it.

Thanks... It is listed below

Thanks... It is listed below on this page (at least for now)
4 images (Post title: so called magnificent pieces)

Launch Date

Hello Hello, I have a few spare moments so i thought i may as well 'enter' my illustration Launch Date Created from my interpretation of Dekes top 40 (as all my entry's are). (All based on a news event or a photo i love) Launch Date is a illustration of a rocket (actually inspired from the massive Ariane 5 launch on 18 December) The pen tool was used to create the rocket itself, converted into a smart object, Free Transform was used to create a reflection on the body of the craft. The main tool used was the paint brush, used to create clouds at various heights, No type is on this so i did not used vector based type.. A very slight amount of dodge and burn was used for the thrusters.. oh and gradient tool was used for the gives ..i think...the craft a more weighty feel, without the gradient it feels a bit flat...and of corse i used save for web to save it as a .png. ok thats all! :) Launch Date (Click the image for high-res.)