Photoshop Top 40: The Final 10 Contest

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Contest Dates

Just wondering if this contest is still open for guests. I haven't received the newsletter in my email.

I'm afraid this contest is long gone

But look for more in the future.

Don't feel bad

I know just what you mean sonesta, I did the same thing this morning as well, it was my first entry so far, I choose layer comps, and then after looking at all of the 40 see it at 39, so don't feel bad, I'm a bigger idiot than you by far, lol..


My wife took our dog to get groomed after work. She asked if I would go pick him up when they called, and being the obedient husband that I am I said sure. After I had picked up Chewy (dog), my wife called me at home to see if I had picked him up before she left to come home. I saw on call waiting it was her, so being a smart ass I answered the phone "Steve's Bar and Grill; liqueur in the front, poker in the rear!" "Not funny" was her reply, as I heard everyone in her Church choir group burst into laughter over the speaker phone...

I guess my point is Idiot is in the eye of the beholder... at least they all laughed

What a great story!!!

What a great story!!!

I'm an idiot

Just got the email to make a guess for #7 and when I saw your hint of "the ultimate convenience tool" I immediately wrote "Actions!" Only AFTER I submitted it did I realize you had already selected actions as a lowly #30!

Oh, well. I think they are the ultimate convenience tool for the work I do!

Don't get down on yourself

At least your presumption MADE the top 40.... :-)

Feature #9. Hint: It takes something bad and makes it good. I went with Lab Color (anyone that took that Video training knows why)

Feature #10. Hint: It affects every image that you create and edit in Photoshop. I went with Resolution... Humm, does it?

Guess away, and have fun, and stop acting like an ID10T... lol (PS: you can only win once, so being a slow starter might not be a bad thing!)

Let the Good Times Roll, good luck all!

Photoshop Elements 8 One on One

I want to buy your book as titled above but I have PE version 7. Are there enough changes in PE 7 and 8 that another book would be more appropriate?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

PS Elements 7 vs 8

Hi, Mary. There are a few new features in Photohsop Elements 8 that are specifically covered in the book, but most of the techniques make use of features that have been in Elements for a long time. I think an Elements 7 user would be able to use close to 90 percent of the Elements 8 book, maybe more.

Announcing the winner

Deke, since someone probably already guessed feature #10. When are you going to annonce the winner of this week's prize?

I'll announce

When the Feature #10 posts on Tuesday.

You are

Really going to do what you said you were going to do? How refreshing!!!

No extra points

For being a smartass.


That's obvious

I've been one as long as I can remember, and never got extra points for it.

It's all good, the occasional smile more then makes up for it! :-)

okay submitted

better late than never ;)


In this contest... it's all about the right response and time stamps :-)

Best of luck everyone!

clear your browser cache

I need a lacie monitor so thanks and all.

I noticed the diffuse reflection of a lamp on my window at night which was black and covered with condensation and thought it looked like a gaussian gradient.

So I took a picture and put it into PS, setting the mode to overlay 34% and above an image layer, giving a diffuse spot effect. I compared this to a gaussian radial gradient and it looked a ton better, more natural. If this looks better than the gaussian function could I incorporate it into a blur function by using it as a displacement map?

Rather than seminars etc, why not provide a photoshop support service. Php emailer tied to a paypal link. People ask their question and get an answer the next day. The task can be delegated, generate more money and the niche has not yet been filled (that I'm aware of). I've picked up a lot about photoshop and I'm loathe to sit through long tutorials or buy whole books when I only need help for specific areas.

Great contest man!

Wow.... finaly, I have a chance to win amongst those crazy Photoshopers!!!

Based on the clues... I'm confident about my guess. Now the question is... was I quick enough!!!?



I just submitted my guess..

I wanted to write "keyboard shortcuts" but something crazy happened and while I was writing the form submitted itself, so I was only able to submit "keyboard" which is kind of stupid..

So please count my "keyboard" guess as "keyboard shortcuts".



So noted.

Compliment & Site Navigation Suggestion

Deke -- Just LOVE your Top 40 videos....VERY well's so much easier to 'watch' than to have to read long written instructions.

About your site... I wish it were easier to use. I would have sent this by private email but I cannot find a "Contact Us" link (or a HELP link either). And the emails I have received from you appear to have 'send only' return addresses. For instance, here a couple of things I find troubling...

1. As mentioned, there are no links for HELP or CONTACT US.

2. The "Home" page contains extracts from elsewhere on the site, instead of navigation and directory or table of contents link lists.

3. The tabs at top of page have redundancy and are not intuitively named. For instance,

Both POD and STUFF take user to same location/information (Top 40 blogs) and BLOG has Top 40 info in a non-top-40 area.

PRESS -- I would infer this would contain articles about you / your website
VIDEO -- I would infer this would contain free videos
..............Believe both could be combined with a dekePRODUCTS tab, telling user there are products for sale and taking user to another page where the each product is LISTED at the top with a navigation link to more info.

4. The Top 40 List. I cannot find any LIST of the links to each of the Top 40, so I have to scroll through all the context pages of all of them to see 1) what feature is offered in each and 2) which one is where. A simple Table of Contents on your Home Page would solve this nicely. Something like

==================Free TOP 40 PHotoshop PodCasts List ============
....................................[is 'podcast the correct term for these mini-videos?]

40. Name of 40th Video . . . [link to that blog post]
39. Name of 39th Video . . . [link to that blog post]
38. Name of 38th Video . . . [link to that blog post]
37. Name of 37th Video . . . [link to that blog post]

and so forth .. all 40 listed sequentially so one could choose the one/more s/he wishes to view.

I apologize for going into so much detail in this public area, but could not figure out a way to communicate non-publicly. If you'd like contact me personally by email, we could correspond further on these and some other suggestions I'd like to offer.

Thank you for listening. Please know that my ideas are not meant to be negative but are offered as potential ways to make a good site even better.

-- VJ (VeryJoyful)

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

And no offense taken. The current navigation controls were built on old assumptions (all of 20 months ago ;-). Been discussing changes, tho no time frame for implementation at the moment. You know how these things go.

I don't list email b/c a) I'm not particularly responsive and b) I have problems with bounces. Besides, this way, others can see comments and absorb or make their own.

I made it!

Hey guys, try the "Make a guess" link at the bottom of the post.

The first link said the same for me but the second did it!

Good Luck! :)

Same thing!

Had the same issue, logged into the site, tried to enter, was told I had. Thanks for this opportunity Deke and sponsors!

You may need to clear your cookies

Apparently Constant Contact may get confused by historical behavior. So try clearing your cookies, or worst-case scenario restart your computer, and then try again. I have modified this section of the comment in which I suggested alternative links. Apparently, they were doomed to failure. The links in the main body of the post are correct. Hopefully, this will solve your problems. If not, please let me know!

still not working

Even if I use the "direct" link you provided in your reply... it immediately shows a [basically] blank page with the admonition that "you have already taken the survey".

Has nothing to do with Constant Contacts e-mail...... something in your user DB is throwing incorrect flags.

And YES... completely cleared cache, wiped out all cookies, etc etc ad naseum

After much research and testing

It appears that the links I provided in my previous comment (now deleted) were wrong. Classic case of trying to fix one problem by introducing another. This is the correct link. (Same as now in the main body of the post.) If after clearing cache and cookies and restarting and replacing your computer that still doesn't work, then we obviously still have a problem and will get back on the phone with Constant Contact for the hundredth time. Gosh, I'm having fun.

can't guess

I also just registered and logged in ,but was told I already entered when I had not.

Did this happen before or after you filled out the survey?

In other words, did the survey page fail to load, or did it fail to process you properly after you entered the info?

Me too

...and maybe other users too. so I just want to let you know, and I'll try later.