Photoshop's Most Amazing Self-Party, Ever

So I came across this:

Photoshop's Most Amazing Orchestra

Made by someone, not sure who. This is my best attempt to link. (Perhaps I'm lame, but if you know or are who made it, clue the rest of us in.)

If the above image doesn't look totally amazing to you---admittedly, it's kinda small---click on it! But remember, after you're done, take a moment to come back here.

My questions to you (and I have a few):

  • How many instruments are being played?
  • How many cellos does this crazy orchestra have?
  • How many guys are afraid of being infected?
  • How many amorous couples are there? (Homophobes need not respond.)
  • How many guys are asleep, nodding off, or blowing their noses?
  • How many mistakes are there? (Hint: Very few.)
  • And finally: Whoa! How many dudes are there? (Someone, count them!)

Seriously, this is one of the finest examples of Photoshop nuttiness I've ever seen!

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I'd love to know

I'd love to know what you think, Deke...

That's just amazing

The only mistake I spotted was the reflections in the side of the piano, showing empty chairs on the stage.


This pic is phenomenal! It must have taken several hours to complete. Maybe that's why he's sweating in a lot of them. Talk about not being observant - which my wife contends - I didn't even realize it was the same guy everywhere. I just thought they were all dressed the same, like at some cult meeting or something. I must try this myself - but maybe just different seats on the couch to start.


It *is* Martin Liebscher

here's an article about this work of M. Liebscher
"Martin Liebscher patiently photographed himself in all poses using a self-timer only cut himself out from each resulting image and then edit the whole to create a larger image."
and via Google Translate -> english


How was this done?

I'd love to know what you think, Deke...

Martin Liebscher Suntory Hall, Tokyo

it seems to be Martin Liebscher,

amazing cloning work indeed