Railroad Track Technique

Illustrator Challenge

Create a repeating pattern brush in Adobe Illustrator and combine it with stroke effects to create realistic railroad tracks. Create multiple variations and save them as graphics styles.

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I know the contest is long over

I gotta clean up this site. Ug.

I was watching this particular video again. I know you didn't end up winning any prize, Jerry. But, you know, some things grow better with age. At the end of the day, this is an awesome technique. And your sample file is dynamite! Especially that title view.

Anyway, just wanted to offer you some belated kudos.

Nice Technique

Very cool and useful technique -- just so happens I've been looking for a technique to use for a project -- and I think yours will work great for me! Thanks for sharing and good luck!

I'm glad you liked it! Good

I'm glad you liked it! Good luck on your project.

Sorry for the audio quality.

I should have checked noise reduction in the Camtasia Studio output options. I guess I need to take some tutorials on video production and maybe get a better mic. :) It was my first video tutorial with audio and I was a bit nervous especially after seeing some of the great entries in the Photoshop challenge.

Good luck everyone!