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End Result Was Awesome

That was a great graphic design. Nice composition. However, I felt that the production was lacking and you could have used some improvement. The on-screen shortcut keys were a little distracting, especially when you zoom in then out then back in.

As far as the "tutorial" part, it was difficult to follow some of the things you were doing, as there wasn't much explanation, or it was too quiet. Obviously, you know what you're doing, but unfortunately people who watch tutorials don't have as much experience or know how to do some of the things you were doing.

But I think it was a nice overall effort!

thank you, and i must agree

thank you, and i must agree with you in most aspects. I did't have much time to do this tutorial, it's my first tutorial and I barely could fit it in the 10 minutes limit eheh. Thanks for your comment mate.