Shadows/Highlights Unleashed

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This is an effect one needs to apply judiciously when working on faces. It can bring out the ruddiness and can make faces appear to be 'dirty' while positively affecting the rest of the image. Would it make sense to mask out the skin and paint the effect in to a lesser degree? With a face, high definition or enhanced detail can sometimes be TMI (just ask most folks over 40).
Cheers, BobbyCars

Shadow highlight usage

Just to let you (as if you didn't already) many of your tips have been useful in forensic applications. This one in particular allows us to bring up detail in latent fingerprint images that are captured at crime scenes. By adjusting the highlights we are able to gain contrast in the images that assist us in making identifications.


Lt. Dave


AS usual, another great tip. Thanks for showing us theses tips and help us be more PSD savvy

The King of Photoshop!!

WoW, are you the King or what!! Great tip your majesty..

Great tip

Never knew there was a better way to use shadows/highlights! Never used the "more options" selection. Thanks.