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Hey gang,

As usual, this newsletter goes out to you, the few, the proud, the registered users at dekeOnline. In case you're curious, there are now 1995 of us. I was hoping we'd hit 2000 before I fired this off. But alas, five people who should have registered didn't. You'll be glad to know, I have sent all five formal complaints, along with stern warnings if this sort of behavior continues.

Get registering!

But enough about them, let's talk about you. By which I mean, me.

I have a new episode of dekePod I'd like you to look at. Yes, I do see this as one of your responsibilities. If I go to all the trouble of making these darn things, you of all people need to be watching them. That's fair, right?

Good news: This exceedingly entertaining episode is actually really super educational. Bad news: There's no bad news! Why would you think there's bad news?

Titled "Don't Fear the Lab Mode," this video shows you how to take a fairly boring photograph -- of my backyard (I mean, not so exciting, right?) -- and turn it into that beautiful, gorgeous photo you thought you shot. With the help of Photoshop's most capable color mode, Lab.

My backyard

And it isn't hard. In fact, it's so unhard -- I hesitate to mention this because I don't want to spoil the surprise -- but the technique relies on one of the most brain-dead commands in all of Photoshop, Brightness/Contrast. (Which is a good command now. You know that, right?)

Anyhoo, join me, okay? Or don't. But do. C'mon. Do.

I find that the most effective email campaigns hinge on outright begging. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe via iTunes. Pa-lease!

Thanks for your kind attention,


PS: Back at the site, we have lots more stuff you may have missed. The last couple of weeks have been flush with blogs and articles and contests and all kinds of garbage. So come consume our garbage. (That's our new tagline. What do you think of it?) Visit dekeOnline.


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true with that efficient

true with that efficient color mode you have the magic stick to change .I have done it often.photoshop is cool.though am still a beginner and suppose there is lot more to learn. Designer Jeans Wooden Doll House

Consume Garbage?

Of course I love garbage, my dog loves garbage. I hate it when he gets more than me. I've been eating garbage all my life. It's better than drugs, alcohol, and sometimes even sex. You don't need to beg us to eat garbage. What's wrong with you? It's garbage UP-cycling. You resell it for fun and profit. Sheesh.

Training in Spanish

Dear Deke Sorry I couldn´t find a contact page so I´m sending this from here. Would you like to have your training translated to spanish? I can record the audio again, my voice and your video and this way you could reach a bigger audience. I´m very familiar with Photoshop since version 4 and have seen some of your training and would love to do this work. If this looks good to you please let me know and we can work out the details Congratulations on the site !! Thanks Alvaro Calandra

Ah, yes, the Great Spanish Quandary

Just so you know, I don't control the videos. I have an exclusive license with them and they control all aspects of distribution. They apparently have some sort of translation scheme cooking, but like all grand plans, I imagine it'll take some time to work out. That said, Alvaro, I'm totally with you. The idea of connecting with an audience that stretches all the way from Mexico to Argentina with just one exception (hello Brazil!) is obviously quite appealing. But there are a lot of issues. Certain terms have completely different meanings is different areas, so do we settle on Mexican Spanish and hope for the best? Are we confident everyone's using the English/American interface? How do we fact check when virtually none of us speak Spanish (criminally shameful of us but nonetheless true)? Even the trainers I know who speak fluent Spanish (Bert Monroy and R. C. come to mind) were born ands bread in the States. Anyway, I'm happy to pass you along to the powers that be, but the wheels are moving slowly and I know they're looking for a structured, methodical, foolproof approach. In any case, thanks for the offer!

don't fear the mode

Yikes, maybe its just me but you went so fast thru that lab mode technique, and it seemed like a good one. Last I recall there was a flash of a blend if thingy, then a brightness/contrast pop-up. Thanks for sharing. keith

Yeah, we're experimenting

With subliminal training. We're hoping that by moving rapidly and flashing images at you, the information will embed itself in your brain on a molecular level without you being quite aware. Based on our research, the videos work best if you play them over and over again while you're asleep. Meanwhile, I plan to post an article that dissects this topic in more detail on Monday.