Superhero Text Effects

Illustrator Challenge

In this video tutorial Dan Rodney shows how to apply gradient fills and stokes to editable text in Adobe Illustrator, all while keeping the text editable. You can change the effects or type at any point. Many people think that editable text in Illustrator can't be filled with a gradient, but you'll learn how in this video!

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Super clear and

Super clear and professional, and I have always wondered about how to do this... Kudos!

Great presentation

Everything about this tutorial is awesome. I like how you explain the difference between type and characters and how you can achieve the same gradient stroke effect by using offset path effect. Bravo!

Great audio!

Awesome tutorial! How do you get such great audio?

Screen Resolution

I also made sure to lower my screen resolution to help ensure that people could better see the buttons, menus, etc. If your screen resolution is too high, things get very small and hard to see.

How I Made the Video

Normally I use a Blue Snowball which gives even better quality than this. But I didn't have that mic when recording my video, so I used the mic built into my MacBook Pro if you can believe it!

I captured and edited the recording with Screenflow, which let me bump up the volume a bit and add a little noise reduction and the audio came out better than I expected.

Just the built-in mic? Wow!

Just the built-in mic? Wow! I guess that shows that you don't really need an expensive mic to get high-quality audio. Good job! Did you also try to fix the acoustics in your room in some way? I live in a noisy area so it's always a challenge to do some audio recording, but even if it's quiet and I turn off the air conditioner I always get this slight hissing noise, and I can never get rid of it completely.

My Room

A room in my house is set up as my office. It's very nice and quiet, so that helps a lot I'm sure. As I said though, the Blue Snowball is so much better than my laptop's mic. It can help eliminate background noise and that hissing you mentioned. Screenflow's noise cancellation helps, but you can't add too much or you'll notice it.

So Cool

You showed some cool tips and tricks. Congrats on making a great tutorial, I enjoyed it.
Best of luck in the contest.

Nice explanation!

Hi Dan,

I really like your tutorial, all the steps were explained clearly and some great tips for CS5 users.

Best of luck in the challenge!


non-CS6 users

I like that you included the offset fill workaround for those who don't have CS6.