The First-Ever Custom CS4 Palette

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Your NEF file

Is a compressed linear file, meaning that it contains just one channel of 10 bit/pixel/channel data. When you open it in Photoshop, the compression goes away. (Images are never compressed in RAM, even if they hail from JPEG files.) Plus, Photoshop renders the image in three channels. I cover this kind of under-the-hood stuff in my video series Photoshop CS2 Mastering Camera Raw available from It's a little long in the tooth, but many of the movies (especially the early ones) remain as viable as ever.

E-NEF Bits Already!

Thanks Deke, BTW, I had ACR set to 16-bit for a while, so when I opened the 12 MB file in PS it went to 70 MB! Wow! It doesn't take much retouching to generate 200+ MB files. In your opinion, is 16-bit ever worth the extra file size? DP

I regard 16-bit/channel the way I regard a necktie

By which I mean, normally, ye gads no. In fact, the whole proposition is rather absurd. Assuming you get most of the heavy lifting out of the way with Camera Raw, why give yourself an auditorium of space to edit a relative double-wide trailer of data? And once you start adding layers, then you've got yourself a nine-floor auditorium for your tiny, dismal double-wide trailer. Argument: C'mon, Deke, are you seriously suggesting that a 12-bit/channel image doesn't deserve 16-bit? Put it this way: You own a McMansion that costs you $4000/month. For whatever reason, you are forced to move your family to either a double-wide trailer for $256/month or a nine-floor auditorium for $65,500/month. (Those are your options, where Photoshop is concerned.) Which do you choose? Completely up to you, my friend. Me, I think: I got my beer, my woman, my little bitty chilun', what's so bad about the double-wide? Meanwhile, Lab in 8-bit gives you way more latitude than RGB in 16-bit. And 8-bit Lab keeps it cozy. It's like a double-wide trailer with a crazy scientist on board. Who brews your beer. And makes your gasoline. Like a mute and innocuous version of Harry Dean Stanton's Brain from Escape from New York. (And hubba hubba if Brain comes with Adrienne Barbeau, it's 2^n good.) On the other hand, every once in a while, it's a special occasion. And so you throw on a necktie. (Make it a $40 one; why waste time on the $5 stuff?) Which is how I treat 16-bit/chan. The occasional black-and-white line art. The occasional hard-to-fix image. The occasional pain-in-the-ass event. Otherwise, me, not so much. My midsize TV is so much bigger in my little trailer. With Brain and Adrienne at helm.

Why is it so HUGE?!

That's what she said! (Sorry....couldn't he'p mahself....carry on.... ) }:-o

separator in Configurator?

How do I get separator in Configurator?

Same way you get a separator in old-school HTML

You make a tiny solid-color graphic and add it to your panel/palette. Unfortunately, each graphic gets a thin border. So if you want to see whatever color you've assigned to your graphic file, the image has to be 3 pixels tall. That's my experience anyway.

Submit Jpg to Deke

Again I ask: Is there some way I can send a small .jpg file of Sammy directly to Deke? -dch

Sending Images

Hey there. Not sure what the file you have in mind is, but you can send it to for now. Going to take Petra's advice and set up a Flickr group for dekeCommunity as soon as, you know, I figure out how.

Flickr groups

Good morning, Colleen! It's pretty easy to start a group. Do you have a Flickr account? I've got a Pro Flickr account via my ISP by default, so if you like I could start the group and then I think I can transfer admin/moderator privileges over to you guys (but I need to look into that a bit more). Otherwise, all you have to do is follow the instructions at this link: :-)

Love you for volunteering, Petra

But I have to earn my sidekick salary somehow. I was hoping my Flickr/Yahoo sign-in info would pop back into my head. (Apparently I lied to Yahoo about my birthday and now I can't retrieve.) I'll get on it this weekend. You're awesome. Thanks for the push. cw

This weekend?

Are you insane?! :-p Crikey, guys - you've been working yer asses off, Christmas is next week, New Year the week after (and what a joyous year this one will be to leave, eh?) - for goodness sake, give yourselves some family and fun and friends time. We can wait. Relax. Be good to yourself. :-)


I assume that is Thank you so much, -dch

Desperately seeking Bernhard Modern Standard

Deke - Is there any way you can convince Adobe to make this font available to purchasers of CS4 Design Standard who have also purchased your InDesign CS4 book? I bought the full-price retail upgrade version and none of the members of this font family are provided. Thanks

The Bernhard knock-off

Not sure I would advocate Archee's solution. Technically, such knock-off fonts are actually (and surprisingly) legal. As I understand it, the only attribute of a font that you can copyright is its name. But I'm very suspicious of any site that has no discernible business model. If it seems too good to be true . . . Even assuming the knock-off is clean, it very likely has different size and kerning metrics that will throw off the page design. My designer David Futato has created two alternative sample documents. I will do my best to get them posted this evening.

Font licensing

So I worked at Yellow Pages for a couple of years, a few years back, and we would tell clients who supplied their own art via graphic artists to also make sure they supplied the font on disk as well as embedded, because as you know there are more fonts than there are stars in the sky. But I was reading about font licensing last night and it seems that this is illegal. Is it?

One possible source for Bernhard Modern Standard

Just as an FYI, Bernhard Modern Standard was included with InDesign CS3, the Design Standard CS3 suite, and the Design Premium CS3 suite. So if you're upgrading from any of those, the font should be available on your original CS3 install disks. A temporary workaround for now—but a fix should be posted soon.

Re: Desperately seeking Bernhard Modern Standard

Check this link for your font and tell us if it worked.

Free substitute seems to work

Tried downloading and installing the "Bernhard Modern" family from the site Archee suggested, opened Deke's first 1-1 file and selected the Roman and bold fonts when InDesign gave me the missing fonts dialog. The resulting file seemed to look fine as far as I could tell. I'm not sure if "Bernhard Modern" is exactly the same as Adobe's "Bernhard Modern Standard" but I'm unable to compare them to tell if there's a difference. Thanks for the suggestion, Archee.


U R welcome. I feel like Tech support here

Ug, I finally confirmed

. . . the complete and total lack of Bernhard with the Design Standard or Premium versions of CS4. (Or any version of CS4 on the planet, frankly.) Once upon a time Adobe apparently thought they were going to include it. But I'm guessing they pulled it due to licensing issues. (Typeface licensing is an amazingly, outstandingly complex can of worms. Honestly, the legalities of fonts makes the exonerations and convictions of OJ Simpson look altogether sane.) Anyway, no, there is no way we can implore Adobe to do anything where fonts are concerned. I and my team have a long and unsuccessful history in this regard. Just say the word "typeface" and watch everyone in the room grow seven layers of titanium armor. That said, we are working on a solution. My apologies. I hope to have something for you before Xmas! (Thx for the follow up, Personne.)

You do not have the necessary permissions

This comes up. "You do not have the necessary permissions to perform this operation. Contact your system administrator to obtain permission." Windows Vista x64


it was only to turn off the UAC in vista... ;)

One on One?

Greetings, when might we see the second and third Photoshop CS4 One on One videos on

You already watched all of Part 1?!

I begin filming Part 2 Friday or Saturday, until I go home for Xmas on the 22nd. WIll finish up in late January. But it'll probably be February before they're up. I realize that's a long way off, but I am sadly just one guy. (On second thought, make that "thankfully.") But I have lots of nifty things planned. It'll be 30 chapters in all, 10 chapters in Part 2 and 8 in Part 3. After that, I'll finish up the Illustrator series (Part 1 of which is almost done.) And then on to side topics like smart objects, blend modes, more masking, etc. I figure that'll pretty much take me thru the first Obama administration.

Home Set Up?

Deke, has Lynda even thrown the idea of giving you a home set up to film? Seems rough on you since they have such an ambitious schedule planned. I guess this is why InDesign is not included in your series on Lynda. Oh, how about a fun topic on fonts? I love font tricks.

CS4 videos

I would like to know when they will be coming out, too

Thanks Deke

It downloads and works great! You have me excited to try my own Configuator panels.

Right click? No

My computers don't have right click. No mouse either. MacBook doesn't have this.

Control-click on a Macbook or one button mouse

to simulate right-click. That's Control not the cloverleaf thing.

Downloader doesn't work.

Couldn't get the downloader. Will this be available for my MacBook? All I got was pages of gobbledegook.