The Judges: Our Illustrious Panel of Eight Industry Luminaries

Our illustrious panel of judges offers a broad spectrum of expertise. They're award-winning authors, educators, and artists. They each bring their experience to The Challenge--from graphic design and illustration, to photography and application-specific education. Our panel will review all finalists' entries and pick our winners!

Katrin Eismann Bert Monroy Russell Brown John Nack
Michael Ninness Mordy Golding Colleen Wheeler Deke McClelland
Katrin Eismann Katrin Eismann
Artist, Author, Educator
Katrin Eismann is an internationally recognized artist, author, and educator who has been working with digital imaging tools since 1989. Katrin studied photography and electronic still imaging at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In 2002 she received her MFA degree in Design from the School of Visual Arts.
Katrin has written several books on digital imaging and photography including Photoshop Masking & Compositing, The Creative Digital Darkroom and Photoshop Restoration and Retouching.
Katrin chairs the Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography department at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. To learn more, go to
Bert Monroy Bert Monroy
Artist, Author, Teacher
Bert Monroy is considered one of the preeminent pioneers of digital art. He builds his hyper-realistic digital paintings as a traditional artist would, adding color and texture, except that he uses Photoshop and Illustrator as his media and a Wacom Cintiq as his canvas.
Bert cowrote the first book on Photoshop and is the author of several other books, including Photoshop Studio with Bert Monroy: Digital Painting. He recently released The Making of Times Square, a three part series of instructional videos for
Bert currently teaches at San Francisco State University. He is a member of the Photoshop World Dream Team and was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2004. 
Russell Brown Russell Brown
Senior Creative Director, Adobe Systems, Inc.
Russell Brown is the Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems as well as an Emmy Award-winning instructor. In Russell’s twenty-seven years of creative experience at Adobe, he has contributed to the evolution of Photoshop with feature enhancements, advanced scripts, and most recently Flash panel development.  
Russell has helped the world's leading photographers, publishers, art directors, and artists master the software tools that have made Adobe's applications the standard by which others are measured. You can also find many of these tutorials on web at  and  
His in-depth design knowledge and zany presentation style have won him a regular following among all walks of users. 
John Nack John Nack
Principal Product Manager for Digital Imaging, Adobe Systems, Inc.
John Nack is the Principal Product Manager for Digital Imaging at Adobe Systems. Prior to joining Adobe, John was a Web designer and animator at New York, where online content was developed for clients such as Gucci, Nike, British Airways, and Coca-Cola. As a Photoshop product manager he helped build versions CS through CS5, championing non-destructive editing, customizability, and Web and design features. With Photoshop Touch he's trying to bring Adobe imaging magic to a whole new audience, making creative imaging more delightful.
Michael Ninness Michael Ninness
SVP, Product and Content,
Michael has 15+ years of experience as a product manager and user-experience designer of software used by creative professionals, with past positions at companies including Adobe and Microsoft. He's also had a parallel career as a teacher and author of content to help others master digital tools and technologies. He returned to in 2010 to drive a content strategy and platform that encourages and enables life-long learning.
Mordy Golding Mordy Golding
Director of Content,
Mordy is a renowned presenter, industry consultant, and author of over 20 video training titles at, including the Illustrator Insider Training series. Possessing a strong background in art production and design and both the print and web space, Mordy was named a Champion of Graphic Design by Graphics IQ, and also worked at Adobe Systems as the product manager for Illustrator. Currently, Mordy oversees the Design and Photography courses at

Colleen Wheeler

Colleen Wheeler
Content Curator,
Colleen is currently the Content Curator at, meaning that sifting through great video training content is one of her specialties. Previously, she was the Content Manager for the Design segment at, and before that she was the editor for design and photography books at O'Reilly Media.
Colleen writes the weekly Deke's Techniques column for, has been a frequent blogger at dekeOnline, and you may remember her as the co-host with Deke of the weekly podcast, Martini Hour, in which they discussed the burning digital imaging and computer graphics issues of the day and interviewed industry luminaries in a (very) relaxed format.

Deke McClelland Deke McClelland
Digital Imaging Expert, Trainer, Author
Deke McClelland is an internationally renowned instructor with an emphasis on Photoshop and the wider realm of computer graphics. His top ranking One-on-One series for has established him as one of the most popular video trainers in the world. Deke’s body of work includes over 80 books and hundreds of hours of video, which have garnered over 30 industry awards including seven Computer Press Awards and nine video industry awards.
Deke lives with his two sons in Boulder, Colorado.