The Kirk Build

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That worked

I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of it before. Thanks, Gaber. :)

No problem! I overlook the

No problem! I overlook the obvious stuff at least a few times a day. ;) Now i have to decide if I want to even attempt this daunting challenge...looks like a lot of work! And I'm sitting at work right now so I should probably be...working? But since I'm a graphic designer this counts as "research", right? Skillz-honing?


It's on-the-job training, and they should pay you to closely examine every Deke file ever offered. It helps you - and while you're being the best you can be (through Deke, natch), they will also greatly benefit as they become more competitive due to having exceptional designers thanks to the power of Deke². It's a win/win situation. How frikkin' cool is that?! :-D