The Making of dekePod Pilot #2: 101 Tips

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How Funny!

It didn't dawn on me that DekePod#2 was in SF, until I read this for the first time! I thought the area look familar to me. Is SF your third home, besides Colorado and Ventura?

I wasn't there

but now I feel like I was there. Great stuff..... -so-called "Dan"

Nice Pix

Great photographs, very interesting to see how it's put together!


Glad you like the photos, especially since I was driving everyone on set mildly crazy snapping shots between each take. I just sensed history was in the making. ;-) cw

Yeah I think you got that

Yeah I think you got that right, history was definitely in the making! I know what you mean about taking pix like that, but they were definitely worth the effort (and the abuse hehe). Nice work!

Great effort!

This is one of the best videos that I have seen in recent times. Excellent effort guys.

Cheers! - Amit Agarwal