The New dekeKeys: Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop CS5

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thank you very much sir
i am your fan
i learned from your tutorials cs 3 sir
thank sir

Great blog you have here. So

Great blog you have here. So many websites like this cover subjects that cant be found in print. I don't know how we got by 10 years ago with just magazines and newspapers.

thanks in advance.

i have this error: could not load default shortcuts

even after downloadig and doing as mentioned above i still get the same error

so please if you can help mail me:

Deke Keys on a Mac

Keen to know where/how to download Deke Keys for Illustrator CS5 mac lion. Do I need to go via

Photo shop short cut keys for Window users

Hi Deke,

I have used your shortcut keys before and I absolutely love them. My problem here is when I opened up the shortcuts to check them out, they all started with the word cmd instead of ctr. I am a Windows users, and did not see another file lurking in that zip folder for me anywhere. Do you have some created somewhere for me?


Same shortcuts

I am a Windows user also... the program should automatically convert for you. It did for me.

Keyboard Mapping in Lion

Just started watching the one on one PS CS5 Fundamentals video. I noticed that the Keyboard mapping in Lion is a bit different than show in the video. Any update on the dekekeys that may apply or not apply in Lion?

Remove dekeKeys

I just picked up a new Macbook Pro and will be installing the dekeKeys, but want to give my old air to my wife. How do I remove the install on her machine to revert back to the original function keys? Thanks!

To remove dekeKeys

Choose Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.

And then change the Set option back to Photoshop Defaults.

tried that, but

tried that, but unfortunately it didn't work :(

she just wants to be able to change the volume without hitting the function key

Oh, that's not dekeKeys

That's a function of the Mac OS.

Choose Apple > System Preferences.

Click the Keyboard icon, then click the Keyboard tab.

Turn off the Use all F1, F2, etc. check box.

Close the System Preferences.

wow, do i feel dumb!! Thank

wow, do i feel dumb!! Thank you sir, yet again...

the missing shortcut for 0% opacity

It is a shame that we cannot set 0% opacity from keyboard shortcut. Pressing "0" sets 100% opacity, "1" sets 10%, "55" sets 55%... I may missed something, but there is no option for "00"?! Pressing zero twice will set opacity to 100%, same as pressing it only once.

Shall we use "00" for 0% opacity??

0% opacity?

Just out of curiosity, why would you want 0% opacity anyway?

We shall use 00 for 0%!

Only there's no way to make it work.

Even triple-tapping 0 doesn't help.

Photoshop 5 cheat sheet?

Can you recommend a listing of keyboard shortcuts (a "cheat sheet")? I find it impossible to remember all the great shortcuts you suggest in your tutorials. Thanks.


Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts >

Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > click the Summarize button. That will create an htm document with all the keyboard shortcuts.

thanks alot!

I tried google and finally found this!! awesome work!! thanks for the same.

awesome shortcuts!

Thanks Deke! These shortcuts are going to save me SO much time. I've been going up to layer -- flatten image for years, and now I have a shortcut for that! Thanks so much! : )

CS4 deke's keys

I have been view and working through CS4 fundamentals for AI on -- I have downloaded the exercise files which have the shortcut keys and also the color management.
I have not been able to get the shortcut keys to load properly.
In the instruction Deke gives us they are for Windows or Windows Vista -- I am using 07 - I followed the Vista directions but they do not work -- is there something different for Windows 07?

Thank you!!

Photoshop CS4 Channels and Masks one-on-one book

Great book and am learning a lot! I am having trouble getting your technique to work you explained in movie 8, foundmasks. As you described, I have the 2 windows on screen, layer mask visible on right and composite on left. When I make an adjustment to the layer mask on left, the preview on the right does not update. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I am using a laptop, CS5, Windows XP. I would love to be able to use this technique. I am a visual learner and this would be a tremendous help. If someone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.



I am using CS4. I was wondering if there is a way to save multiple crop versions of an image in a single file. If I have an image that I know I will be printing a 4x6, a 5x7 and an 8x10 of that image, I don't want to have to save 3 different files for that one image, I would like to save each crop so that if I need to print say another 5x7, I can get the same crop that I used when I made the first print.


The problem is not how to create different crops in one file. That's easily done by using the marquee tool & saving to new layers. The problem is in the printing. What's the first thing Photoshop wants to know when opening a new file? That's right, the width & height. Short answer, talk to your printer.
Good Luck

CS4 Channel and Masks-One-on-one

Just bought the book and it is great! Lots to learn. I tried to load the panel and keyboard shortcut keys in CS 5 by following the instructions in the book but it does not seem to work. Will they work in CS5? If so, can you tell me how I can install them another way?

A response would be appreciated.


deke channels and mask palette CS5?

I'm having the same problem, can't install Channels and Masks palette in CS5. Is there a newer version of this? thanks.

Smart Objects: Can't I have access to pixels AND CR?

Do I have this right or is there some trick I can use to get all I want from Smart Objects? If I open an image in Camera Raw and save it as a Smart Object going into PS, then I can't have access to pixels (the toolbar), say, to use the healing brush because the trick to drop out to the background layer takes me instead back to Camera Raw. I want it all from the Smart Object: the ability to return to Camera Raw and the ability to use toolbar functionality. Possible?

try adding a blank raster

try adding a blank raster layer above your smart object, and have the healing brush sample from the layer below. the new layer will contain your changes. when done, select both layers and create another smart object before proceeding. the only drawback to this approach is that if you make any changes to the ACR smart object, your changes on the top layer may not blend with the bottom smart object.


Very Helpful Stuff. Thank you

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 one-on-one support

I'm new to this website/blog/etc, but am trying to find out if there is a page somewhere that is sort of a "support" page for the book, Adobe Photoshop CS5 one-on-one. I am having a challenge trying to get some of the steps in some of the procedures to work correctly. It could very well be me, but I want to make sure of that! This is probably not the correct place, but please help!


thank you!!