The New dekeKeys: Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop CS5

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CS4 Channels & Masks Book tif

I've purchased two books authored by Deke and well, never mind.

Using CS5 I've opened a tif (Hair Fantasia) on the CD of Channels and Masks and on page 157 in step 10 painting with white does nothing. Except, when I open a blank page (cmd+N) and return to the image, or I paint then press the Cmd and click anywhere on the image. My personal tifs, psd's, dng's, and raw files do not exhibit this behavior. Too, opening Deke's tif in CS4 behaves normally. The fact is all the tif's on his CD do the same thing in CS5

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? How 'bout you Deke?

iMac 10.6.4

What the devil is a validation error?

Not sure I understand the question

You're saying the technique is behaving properly in Photoshop CS4 with the Hair Fantasia.tif file, but not in Photoshop CS5? I just tried it and am experiencing no problems. CS5 on the Mac does have an issue with suddenly going slightly inactive after certain operations, which may explain why creating a new file and returning to the Hair image helped. Or it might be that the Opacity or blend mode is set improperly? Just guessing at this point. But the file doesn't have anything special built into it. Just your standard everyday average TIFF file.

Problem solved

I discovered the problem on the second feel you need to press cmd+N. You should be pressing ctrl+N. I'm sure that would fix your problem.
Sorry...I can't honestly say I know what's going on with the tifs and your program...I haven't come across that prob yet. It would be best for you to contact Adobe and explain the problem...I'm sure someone there can help you.

CS4 Channels & Masks Book tif

These alternate keystrokes as suggested here never work! I'm telling you they never work!

How wrong can I be? This morning I opened the tif mentioned above; copied a channel, inverted, take B and Overlay, Cntr+N and painted white. Yes, painted white. Closed image, quit CS5 and repeated the procedure without Cntr+N. Brush paints white.

Well, I don't know why CS5 is on good behavior, but the only two items that are different since the day before yesterday are a reinstallation of a printer driver and Cntr+N. It's gotta be the printer driver ;-)


Did I say thanks for the fix?

Page Not Found?

Thats the place it takes me when I click the downloads link

It seems to be working now

We've been having some outages as we transfer the site to a dedicated server. Can you download the zip file now?

Thanks for the shortcuts.

I was able to download them -- thanks ; D

still need ?

if you still need the dekekeys let me know! i can upload them for you!

Thank You, Deke

Hello, I joined your website for one main purpose, and that is to thank you. Thank you so much for being such a great instructor and by doing so in such a friendly and enjoyable manner. I have been taking your Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign courses on, and I couldn't be happier. I could only have wished that my instructors in college were as good as you, all those years ago! LOL!

Looking forward to anything you have coming up on Lynda!

Leon Sanginiti

Thanks for being such a great teacher

I have tried to download your dekeKeys PsCS5 1on1.kys and when I go to download, I receive a "PAGE NOT FOUND" Please help.
: ) janess

Get yer keys here

No one ever bothers to spend a little time looking... guess it's easier to whine.

So.. once again,,, grab 'em off this Blog page... about 5 lines under the graphic

Still unable to download.

I am able to get the CS4 shortcuts -- however I am unable to download the PS CS5 shortcuts. When I am on the correct page -- the pictures don't show and won't show even after I tell them to show photos. Sorry

Loose ends

We lost a few things in the migration to the new server. I'll get on this ASAP.

I'm Not a UNIX Geek

Seriously, if I wanted to memorize a lot of arcane and arbitrary keyboard entries, I would be loading OpenBSD into my computer right now and rewriting the kernel with C++ if not Assembly.

I'm doing this creative, artistic type stuff instead for a reason - and the joy of keyboard punching isn't one one them.

I'm sure that other folks must feel differently - but I'd just like to let you know that, personally, learning about the keyboard shortcuts ranks with visiting the dentist so far as I am concerned.

Please make a top professional video like photoshop top secret!

Dear deke Please make a top professional video like or better than photoshop top secret!
Most of your tuturials are about using photoshop. Please make real life high professional projects better than photoshop top secret that I am sure you are better than monaciardini!

Changing the Angle value for Bristle Qualities

I can't think of anyone better to ask about this. I just got a new Wacom Intuos 4 to replace the one I bought like 10 years ago. The pen that comes with it doesn't allow for rotate. I have to buy the Art Brush for that! But I was thinking, I know dangerous, that I could create a shortcut to change the Angle value of the Bristle Qualities on the Brush panel. Then program that shortcut into the Touch Ring and it might just give me what I need for the few times I use the fancy new brushes. So I started looking for a way to create a shortcut for that value and I can't find it. I know that some shortcuts are just hidden (Merge all visible layers up Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E). So I am hoping that the great and all knowing Deke would know how to do this. (Too much brown nosing? Yeah OK maybe!)


valuable information on CS5

CS5 is really nicely done by Adobe. Unique and very useful products for all creative designers. I have downloaded the file. Thanks.

Thanks for everything that i have learned from you.

hi deke. i have watched your photoshop cs4 fundamental,advanced and mastery video. i learned lot lot things. great job deke. now i am going to use your dekekeys for first time. thanks for dekekeys.

sir, i have one doubt about the color setting. i followed your instruction and tried to insatall it(bestworkflowcs5). but it gave me an error message. ok now i understood that it will not change color setting for other adobe application. now what i am asking that this color setting will working with photoshop cs5 or not due to error message?

once again thanks for everything "before and after(in future)"



Dear deke, do you make deke´s shortcuts for Illustator? would be nice... thanks.

Sgt. Peper

Did the "Save As Smart Collection" button in CS5 Bridge get axed

I am watching your Photoshop CS5 One-on-One videos, which I am loving by the way, and you mention the "Save As Smart Collection" button in the "Opening and Organizing/Searches and Collection" video and I can't find it on my screen or anywhere. Any help? Did it also get axed for the release of CS5?

Requests for HotKeys (keyboard shortcuts)

For all you newbies continually asking for “custom” hotkeys....

Photoshop CS5 has a pre-set selection of “functions” that “can” be assigned (or have already been assigned) specific hotkeys. The hotkey (calls) can be modified to your particular needs BUT neither you (nor Deke) can assign a hotkey to a “function” that has not been allowed by Adobe.

Adobe allows for extensive hotkey customization under the headings of (a) Application Menus (b) Panel Menus and (c) Tools. By simply clicking on Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts you will find that you have access to all the “functions” that Adobe allows to be called via a “hotkey”. As long as you do not attempt to use/add a hotkey that is already in use... you can customize all of ‘em to your hearts delight (just as Deke has done in his “Dekekeys”).

However... there are many “functions” that simply can not be “hot keyed” since Adobe has not allowed for it/them.

So... before bugging Deke for some special hotkey... investigate what Adobe allows... then simply DO IT YOURSELF !!!

I know that

I also know the keyboard shortcut to the keyboard shortcuts.

I also read Deke's last statement which says, "And, hey, if you wish your favorite command had a shortcut, let me know that too."

I am not bugging Deke but you are bugging me. And besides, I don't have a list of unused commands and I don't want to rob another to make this one even if I rob one I don't use.

Request new keyboard shortcut

I like to use the shadows/highlights... adjustment and would like to see a DekeKey shortcut for it.

I must say that overall I am

I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. If only I had your writing ability I look forward to more updates and will be returning.
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Magic Bullet PhotoLooks

Hey, I tried this great program, Magic Bullet photolooks, but I am confused about why Red Giant talks about all the powerful processing it does in high bit and then it says in the support q&a that it renders in sRGB?? Does this mean my 16 bit prophoto file gets diminished into 8bit sRGB when I use it?? Since they quote you as a rave review, and you offered it in the winnings from the countdown you just finished, I thought you might know something I am missing. I see most people raving about all the complex files they are using with this new software. I downloaded the trial version before I knew about this. It puts a big red X in the center of the image so I really couldn't find anything out and uninstalled. Any info. would be helpful. Thanks.

Thanks for the DekeKeys

Providing this download to the members is a wonderful gesture of generosity. I will use these keys, but I will still buy your new book as soon as Colleen makes it available.

Can't come soon enough

I'm 60% done with your CS5 One-on-One Fundamentals at Excellent as always, and I'm eager to see what you'll teach in the Advanced and Mastery series. (Also can't wait for your Illustrator videos to come out, as I'd really like to be as familiar with AI as I am with PS, but sadly this isn't so, yet.)

I resolved my issues I was having with PS CS5 CONSTANTLY crashing the display driver (which successfully recovers). If you disable the OpenGL functionality, it seems all the stability comes back to the product.

I opened a ticket with Adobe on it and we're troubleshooting getting the program to be stable WITH OpenGL enabled. I've also submitted a myriad of feature requests, but I'm not sure if Adobe will add features vs. just fix bugs with future updates (Adobe's not known to do many updates)

Anyways Deke, you don't have a direct method of contact on your website (WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO FEAR!?!?!) But I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your training series. The way you teach is right inline with my learning style. Keep up the great work.